Can Labradors and Cats co-exist?

Labradors are known to get along very well with other animals. Therefore, yes. Labradors and cats can co-exist, as long as they are both properly introduced. Labradors are very strong and active dogs but the chances of attacking a cat are very less, but if you are introducing them as adults there are things you should keep in mind if you want to maintain peace within the household.

How to introduce cats and dogs?

The integration process of these animals varies according to their age. Introducing animals to each other is always easier when they are still a few months old, they would have a playful relationship and avoid a lot of damage.

When bringing in a new adult dog and cat together, make sure you have the integration safety precautions in place, and also the first integration goes well by keeping both calm.

Obedience principles

There must be a positive bond between you and your dog. As dog owners, you should have in mindset the fundamental obedience principles towards your dog. This is your dog reacting to your commands positively.

Scent swapping

Get a clean cloth for the cat and one for the dog separately, and rub their scent glands. On the cat, you should rub the forehead and cheeks.

On the dog, you rub along their flanks and armpits. Then, swap the clothes, and now we have the dog having the scent of the cat, and the cat has now the smell of the dog.

Set the clothes in an environment where both cat and dog have access to sniff them out. Usually, this helps in the process of integration


Use a mesh door, which allows your dog to be in an area where the cat is also associated with. It will allow them to smell each other if they want to. This integration is safe for the cat, in case the dog tries something other than sniffing out.

How to stop dogs from chasing cats?

Regular exercise

When the dog is exercised regularly, the majority of those behavioral problems dwindle and are so much easier to manage.


As soon as you catch your dog with the intent of wanting to chase the cat, you have to redirect him to something positive. This is going to discourage what’s happening or break the pattern before it leads to chase.


Often, a loud voice or isolation is enough to make them stop the chase habits.

Obedience training

This is going to be your calling towards the dog and he responds to the commands. It takes a lot of time and patience to train a dog. Ideally, I would encourage you to go through experienced dog trainers if the situation gets out of control and you feel you can’t manage it.


Reward your dog in the presence of the cat. Have a little stockpile of treats and make it a positive experience, like he is calm around the cat, he deserves to be rewarded.

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