Clicker Training

It is one of the standard ways to train and reward, clicker training is fun for both, the trainer and the learner with useful results. It is available at the local pet store, it is a small plastic handled the device with a metal tongue or small button which needs to be pressed to make a clicking sound. Clicker training is a scientific concept to make an animal learn and praise at the same time. It is used to point out the exact moment the pet performs an expected activity. Praises, treats or toys should follow clicking sound.  As soon as the pet understands what clicker is, one can quickly train different tricks with rewards.


Preparation for clicker train

Tips to use a clicker

Make the pet understand that clicker is not a reward itself, but it signals prize is on the way. With the clicking sound, it will know that it is performing correctly and the click follows a treat. It is a more precise method than the verbal praises, it allows to speed up the training session.


Before starting the clicker in training sessions, trainers will need to teach their pets what it is. Take a handful of treats and offer them right after clicking the clicker. Repeat it again and again unless it understands.


Every dog is not same, and few of them might be sensitive to the sound. If it runs away after listening to this sound, it means that the tone is too harsh. To soften the

tone, one can use a clicker wrapped in a piece of cloth or can use a different clicking device like a pen that has a quieter tone. But if it runs away from this too, then the trainers must stick to the verbal praises.

Training with a clicker

Quiet location

As soon as the pet knows what to expect after a clicking sound, one can use it to train different commands. The quiet place will be ideal without any distractions, if there is a fenced yard, one can teach pets there too. But as soon as the pet become habituated to the clicker training, trainers can use this in crowded places with more distractions like in a dog park or a TV room.

Clicker for every step

It is called shaping, by using clicking sounds and offering immediate awards at every level, the trainer is shaping its behavior in a new way. For instance, if the trainer is training the command to sit, the process starts from the very beginning, like from standing, to sitting making different moves, etc. It gets rewards at every possible movement starting from the beginning of the activity. By using the clicker and the prize at every step, a trainer provides it with reinforcement to learn a new activity. As it knows with every further action, it will earn treats, which will be fun to learn. Hence, it will perform an additional action with an eagerness which will trigger the speed of training.


For clicker training method, the pet is attracted by offering delicious treats. It is one of the standard things to use to draw them. This method sometimes is more effective than the catching or shaping methods.

Start this method with a simple command that the pet already knows. For instance, it identifies the command “come,” ask it to come as soon as it comes use clicker followed by a treat. Repeat it several times unless it knows entirely what it is. Trainers can use this for other behaviors also where clicker can be convenient. Don’t forget to follow up every click with a reward. It can be a small snacks treat, toy, food, praise, etc. for successful clicker training one needs to practice timing, one click followed by one reward within a fraction of seconds, click for action and compensation for the position.

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