Do dogs like dog food?

Is Your Dog's Food Breaking Her Heart? An Inside Look at Grain-Free Diets  and Heart Disease

Adding a new pooch to your family is exciting. However, giving the proper diet is a major concern of any dog owner. The market is flooded with varieties of dog foods but it is worth thinking that even dogs like dog food or not. When it comes to feeding your canine, the major things to consider is nutrition and taste.   You can know the nutrition of any dog food by checking the pack label.

Taste Buds in Dogs

Dogs have taste buds like human beings.  They have one-sixth taste buds that of humans. Canines can taste salty, bitter, sour, and sweet but the most important thing that matters to dogs is the smell.  The food smell is far more important than a taste for dogs.  Canines will eat the food if it smells good. After certain bites, the taste and kibble texture comes into role.  

Choosing the Right flavor

Knowing the right flavor for your dog is important. You can buy a single can or sample of dog foods with different flavors.  After finding the best dog food according to the flavor profile and nutritional requirements, you must think about the implementation of a routine according to the nutrition.  You can give wet dog food in the morning and at night your dog can enjoy dry food.  Make the food routine and follow it consistently so the digestive system of your pooch remains healthy. Keep trying different dog foods until you get the correct flavor for your pooch. Some canines are picky eaters and take some time to adjust to flavors.  For a dog owner, it is necessary to read the labels of dog food so that your furry friend gets the adequate nutrients according to the needs.

What does your canine like to eat?

Most dogs accept new dog food readily but some are picky eaters and have preferences.   Your dog will likely love the flavor that he was exposed to during puppyhood. However, an adult dog tries different food too. Foods with a strong aroma are enticing for picky eaters.  Freshness, aroma, and taste are important things and your canine’s preference is based on these factors.

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