Do Labradors overheat? Tips To Keep Them Cool

Labradors have double-coats which works as an insulator to defend them from water and hot or cold weather. This characteristic makes them prone to overheating.

The term dog overheat means the excessive increase in temperature range of the dog’s body.

What Is The Normal Temperature For Labradors?

The accepted normal temperature range in Labradors should vary from 101.0 to 102.5°F (38.3 to 39.2°C). The condition of the weather itself is not an injury, they can adapt in both hot and cold weather. But make sure they are not exposed to extreme weather for too long.

Signs You Labs Are Overheating

  • Panting: The labs start to breath heavily or he is out of breath
  • Lethargy: Lack of energy or no interest in regular activities. This also involves lack of appetite.
  • Dry nose/mouth: When there’s lack of saliva.
  • Instability: The lab won’t have enough strength to keep himself from standing or walking.

Tips To Keep The Labs Cool

  • When your dog’s temperature is 105°F and above, you ought to take immediate action and cool the dog before you meet the vets.
  • Use tap water to douse the lab, and while you do that, switch on a fan to help in cooling the dog. You might switch on the A/C as well. Don’t force the dog to drink water as he might be focused on trying to breath, he will drink once he’s okay to do so.
  • Continue on attempting to cooling him down until the panting stops. When the dog's temperature decreases to 103°F, take him to the vet.
  • When the dog’s temperature is not that high, the vets will recover quickly. The extreme temperature may cause permanent damage or even death after some days of complications.

How To Prevent The Labs From Overheating?

  • Never leave the dog inside a parked car even if the weather is favorable, because a nice 80°F weather outside, can be 130°F from inside a closed car. That’s the most common causes of heat stroke or heat related death in dogs.
  • In the dead summer, you have to limit the outdoor play to the cooler parts of the day, like early morning and late afternoon. Always make sure to encourage them to rest and drink water when outdoors with the labs for an extended period of times.
  • When the labs present any signs of panting due to heat, offer them water, encourage them to take a break in the shade, and take them indoors.


Don’t underestimate the importance of cooling your Labrador as fast as you can when you they are overheating

Carrying water is so important when you are outdoors for exercises in summer. Don’t use cold water for cooling your dog as it can cause the temperature to become higher. In emergency situations when carrying your dog to vets always keep the doors open.

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