Dry vs Wet vs Diet vs Natural Dog foods: What are they?

Being a dog owner needs you to think about a wide variety of issues and dog food is one of them. However, with so many options, it becomes very difficult to select the right food for your pet. So what should be a good option for it, a tuna fish or turkey meat? A lamb or beef? The wet or the dry variants?

It is definitely complicated, but not an impossible task. Some dog owners select a dog’s food based on their previous experiences, while some decide on the suggestions received from friends and family. Some owners go with what the breeder has suggested, while some stick to the Vet doctor’s advice. Let's get down and understand the various dog foods types.

Dry Dog Food

Among the most convenient options, a dry dog food is an efficient way to supply continuous production of food. A pet owner can leave it for the pet to eat as and when it wants without any possibilities of spoilage. They are mostly Dry Kibble is also a popular food used as an effective training treat as well as a dental health supplement. There are a number of dry foods that have been specially formulated and made to clean the teeth of the dog when chewed. Prominent brands in the area of dry dog foods are Fromm, The Honest Kitchen, Orijen, Wellness Core, and Earthborn Holistic.


  1. Easy to store in a large plastic bin having a tight lid is all that you need to keep it protected from rodents or insects.
  2. Can be left out for hours, and even days
  3. Affordable & cost-effective way of feeding multiple pets


  1. Does not provide the needed moisture as Wet foods do
  2. When the animal is in warm or colder climates, it will need Wet foods
  3. Have a lower level of animal proteins as compared to Wet foods

Wet Dog Food

Most dogs do not drink as much as the water they should be drinking in a day. This is the reason why wet foods are a good source that keeps them hydrated. Some health considerations are also one of the reasons that make it a practical choice. Wet dog food or Canned food is an excellent alternative to the Dry Dog Food. They are less on preservatives and more in the ingredients. Top Wet food brands both for the adults and the puppies are Wholehearted, Hill’s Science Secret, Merrick, Blue Buffalo, Wellness and Natural Balance.

Dry vs Wet vs Diet vs Natural


  1. Older dogs who have considerably lost their olfactory senses can be fed with wet foods.
  2. Great alternative when the dog gets ill and has lost its appetite.
  3. Offer a larger portion per meal without adding excessive calories in it
  4. Good alternative for pets who are ill and aren’t able to smell properly
  5. Ensures a supply of adequate proteins, minerals, and vitamins
  6. Good for dogs having smaller mouths, poorly aligned jaws or missing teeth


  1. Due to the texture, some pets end up messing the food everywhere when having their meal
  2. Once opened the Wet food cans need to be refrigerated and covered before the food gets spoiled
  3. More expensive than dry foods

Diet Dog Food

The need for Diet food arises when a dog becomes overweight. A pet owner can try the option of organic food. However, a prior consultation with the Vet doctor will be helpful to decide on the type of Diet food the dog needs. Examples of Diet Dog foods are Newman’s Own and Avoderm.


  1. Fewer skin allergies
  2. Fresh ingredients
  3. Less expensive


  1. Lack of Vitamins
  2. Significant health risks & more health maintenance is needed

Natural Dog Food

Basically, food options derived from plants, animals, or mined sources with no type of physical processing. Some of the best Natural dog foods of 2018 include TruDog Feed Me, Organix, Natural Ultramix, Newman’s Own Adult Dog Food Formula, and Tuffy Natural.


  1. Reduces skin ailments and allergies
  2. Limited digestive disorders
  3. Stronger immunity levels and better overall health
  4. Improves the quality of life and longevity
  5. Increase energy levels and stamina significantly.


  1. Expensive
  2. Available only at selected stores
  3. No Scientific studies based on the real importance and its needs
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