Ear Hematoma In Dogs

Overview of Ear Hematoma

It is a sudden collection of blood in between the cartilage and the skin of an animal’s ears. It generally happens when a dog overly scratches its ear(s) or frequent head-shakings. These things will result in minor to severe ear infections. Both the cats and the dogs can suffer from the condition. According to experts, nowadays dogs get the conditions more than cats. Especially dogs who are naturally prone to ear infections and skin allergies.

Ear hematomas are mainly caused by self-trauma. Young pups have a natural tendency to bang around in the house. Thus can get struck with any kind of minor or severe injuries. These traumas will result in developing small pockets of collected blood in the ear cartilages in the animal’s ears.


Three major symptoms to look at are:

1.An animal with this condition will have swellings with fluid, pinna.

2.The swelling may seem hard or at times, fluctuant and soft.

3.Swellings can also include the ear tips.


A vet will diagnose the conditions with different physical exams. It is also very crucial to diagnose the underlying causes of the condition. The vet doctor will also check the various ear levels, especially the ear canal. He will most likely take out samples from the ear(s) for further diagnosis. Swab examination will be done to examine the presence of any microorganism the ear canal.

Breeds who are prone to the condition

“Any breed of dog can get affected by the condition.” The common reason to get the condition is allergic reactions. So any dog can be a victim. Dogs with heavy ears with pendulum-like properties, who constantly swing their ears, side slapping easily happens at one side.


Most vet surgeons consider the surgical repairing the best option to treat the issue. In the operation theatre, the surgeon will first give anesthesia to the dog. An incision is significant in the inner part of the ear. Then he will remove the clotted blood from the inner parts. Then tacking is done, down to the outer part of the ear. The sutures will hold the outer and inner surface of the ear so when scar tissues form, the surface does not become lumpy, and instead becomes smooth.

The sutures will stay intact for about for few weeks. The surgeon will leave the incision open for few weeks, and fluids constantly drain out from the ears. With time, the wounds will heal itself.

For dogs with heavy pendulum-like ears, the surgeon bandage and flip up the operated ear against the hard to prevent head injuries during the recovery phase of the dog. Often the pet will scratch the operated area out of irritation. So the vet prescribes the Elizabethan collar for the patient, to prevent head injuries.

Another treatment option is doing the operation giving several small surgeries. This way the vet can avoid the sutures. A laser is crucila to heal the wound.

The third kind of treatment involves placing small tubes on the outer sides of the ear. The drained out liquid will stay in the place for several weeks, and the fluid will eventually dry out, and the ear will heal. Some dogs may not tolerate the excruciating pain involved in this.

In many cases, the surgeon may also drain out the fluid by using a syringe and the needle. Injecting medicines in the area will decrease the swelling and inflammation. One pro point is that infections do not generally return in this procedure.

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