Exercising With Your Dog

People without pets can find it boring to workout, but pet owners enjoy this activity as dogs are the best exercising partners. They are never tired or complain but enjoy the time and try to follow their owners every time they step out. According to a survey it was found that people with pets were found fit due to regular exercising than the people without pets. If not heavy exercise, but pet owners take their canines for regular walk and walking briskly can burn up to 170 calories. However, there are various exercises which are found to be interesting and at the same strengthen one's bond.


It is an activity which becomes very interesting with your canine friend, but not all breeds are perfect for the jog. For example, Greyhounds are ideal for a short run, but they easily get weak in long distance runs. If one wants the pet to jog long distances, one needs to select breeds like Lab, which are sporting and can jog for a longer duration. Soon the pup is matured, slowly make a 30-minute outing, which should include 5 minutes warm up, 20 minutes of jogging and 5 minutes of cooling down. One requires stopping immediately if the pet lags behind and jogging hours needs to be set in colder times of the day because they cannot sweat and might get dehydrated.

Long Walks

Walking briskly is an ideal exercise for losing calories, not only for human but for pets too. It helps in lower blood pressure, makes the heart stronger, denser bones, increase energy with lower chances of depression. It reduces behavioral problems in canines if it is continued every day. However, there is no distance set by the veterinarian, but one can take them for shorter walks first then gradually increase the distance and speed. Veterinarian checkup for the pet is advisable before starting up with the exercising program.


It is perfect or in other words all in one exercise for all, it especially benefits pets or human suffering from arthritis as it is a low impact sport and it is also easy on the joints. However, all in one exercise doesn’t mean it is a heavy exercise, but it works in various ways. It improves endurance, it also strengthens lungs and heart, it also exercises muscles at the same time. But this sport is not enjoyed by all the breeds, but only who love water sports. Although, one can start with this exercise gradually to make the pet fall in love with this exercise. If the pet does not enjoy this, owners can use treats and different strategies to encourage them. If the problem still persists, switch to another sport.


It might sound funny, but yes dogs can dance too and enjoy them as well. Try this exercise if it does not like to walk or swim. It is also said as musical freestyle, owners can choreograph a dance routine to a music and let them enjoy and exercise at the same time.     Pooch can run and groove according to the music or perform other tricks and both can get a perfect aerobic workout. It also has various benefits like it burns calories, develops better balance, lowers blood pressure, develops greater stamina, improves bone density and muscle tone.


There are people who like this sport but are afraid to bring their pet with them as they are afraid they will hurt themselves. But experienced professionals say that this sport is safe with trained dogs, they just have to run by their owner’s side without pulling leash. The interested owner can train their pets by giving them treats.


This activity requires special training, one needs to train them to run next to cycle without pulling.  People can attach their leash to bicycle with Springer as it absorbs some of the force when it pulls suddenly. However, one needs to be very careful and keep an eye on the pet as they can get weary soon.


It offers a perfect pet workout. It is a very relaxed game which can be played in the yard. One can practice this game with a pet and take part in competitions, it not only motivates to play regularly but also provides a goal to work. It also works on training procedure and on the relationships with pets.


If one has the nearby area which offers hiking opportunities, owners can take its advantage. Dogs like to spend some time outside where they can meet other dogs and search for various smells at the same time spend a good time with owners.  It is just like walking, but in the countryside, it will keep both happy and fresh with elevated heart rate. But if its an area of Lyme disease don’t forget to take precautions.


It is an interesting sport which is goal orienting. In this game, pet races through courses of ladders, tunnels, and hurdles with the owner running by side praising and encouraging. Running in speed gives an ideal cardiovascular workout, on the other hand, pet develops an improved coordination. Owners can look for parks with this course and also participate in organized competitions.


It is much of creating an owner and pet bonding and not much of exercise. It is becoming famous for its uniqueness.


People can make their canines soccer fanatic, there are supply stores which provides exercise balls that are soccer designs. These balls come in various sizes and are made up of hard plastic to suit different breeds. Trainers can kick the ball and the dog tries to pass it by pushing it back with its paws or nose. If pet ball is unavailable trainers can use a regular soccer ball, but one should be very careful while kicking as it can hurt body or face of pet.

Dogs Park

It is a perfect place for the pet to play and meet new friends. The park provides free running space, where it can run freely and can burn energy and also rest when it is weary. It also provides socialization and mental stimulation with undisturbed exploration. At the same time, owners can experience an exercise while keeping up with their pets. It is advisable to train them before opting for off-leash roaming.


Catching or fetching their favorite toys or balls is also an ideal exercise for canines, but it does not provide a heavy exercise for owners as they simply stand and toss. Try to make a game that includes home exercising routines. Opt for abdominal crunches or lunges while throwing the ball. One can opt for a heavy ball, but it can hurt, therefore, it is advisable to use a soft and lightweight toy.


Skiing in the cross country provides a vigorous exercise. Three days a week and just for 20 minutes will various health benefits like walking 5 days 30 minutes a week. If the dog is athletic and weighs minimum 30 pounds, it will qualify for ski. For beginners, an introductory course is ideal to learn the essential safety tips for both.

Safety Measures

Before making the pet a partner there are essential things which require checking. Firstly, the owner should take canine to the professionally experienced to check if it has any heart or lung problems, or other problems related to health. It also crucial to check for musculoskeletal or arthritis disease. Pet with arthritis or inflamed ligaments and joints will need low exercise routine.


Maintaining a routine will not only keep exercises on schedule, but it will be helpful for the owners as well as pets. It is advisable to start with a short-term like 10 minutes every day then gradually expanding it to 15 minutes then 30 minutes. It will allow the body to get normal to it. Serious conditions like bloating and gastric dilation volvulus  develop in larger breeds like Doberman, Danes or pinschers. These conditions are life-threatening and therefore, these breeds should not exercise right before or after meals.


Check if it has signs of overdoing, if humans work too hard they become breathless to speak while dogs develop symptoms like panting excessively, breathing fast, refuse to follow and staggering.  If both of feeling exhausted and stiff try to make it shorter next time.

Heat Exhaustion

Dogs are also vulnerable to heat exhaustion and dehydration like human beings. Therefore, it is advisable to make durations shorter and also keep a water bottle or exercise in places where there is a water source.  Dehydration signs include weakness, confusion, excessive painting, and collapse. Short-faced breeds like bulldogs or boxers are easily susceptible to this as they don’t pant.

Paw Protection

Running or walking on rough surfaces can easily damage paws, hence start slowly.  It will help it to develop thicker pads on their feet and will not face any problem. Avoid contact with sand or asphalt on hotter days while on winter days keep an eye on their paws as they can build up ice. People can also switch to dog booties for additional care.

Special care for older dogs

Senior dogs tend to move slow and steadily and cannot take heavy exercising schedule, hence there is a special workout for them. Older or senior pets tend to suffer from various diseases like arthritis and many more. Regular exercise makes them develop flexibility, endurance, strengthens muscles around joints and also helps to stay away from the diseases like obesity. It also aids bowel movement that is crucial in senior dogs. Without regular exercise arthritis can get worse, therefore it is advisable to make them exercise regularly, it will help to ease the symptoms in future. Exercises like short walks, swimming, visit dog parks and small jogs are advisable.

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