Eyelid Conditions In Dogs

Eyelid Conditions: Should we worry?

Our canine pals are a crucial part of our family. They stare at us with massive affection. Since the primitive ages, dogs have been a crucial part of human civilization. They are indeed man’s best friend. It is the responsibility of the owner to handle the health issues of his pet. The dog owners have to stay alert and act the moment they see a hazardous material interacting with the dog's health. Since the eyes and the eyelids are one of the most sensitive parts of any being, so let's get deep into some conditions and study them.

Canine eyelid conditions

We will discuss two major eye problems.



These can have genetic sides with even possibilities of environmental traumas.


When dogs have a drooping eyelid, it means that they suffering from a common condition called Ectropion.The eyelids have their margins rolling outward. This usually accompanies by a sort of a crack in the eyelid which gives the dogs the image of crimson eyes.

Because of this abnormality, the palpebral conjunctiva which coats the inside of eyelids gets exposed to external microbes. This new vulnerability point may lead to other serious diseases that become a threat to your dog’s visual capabilities.

Ectropion usually affects big breeds such as Retrievers, bloodhounds, and St. Bernards. Because of their skin which isn't naturally tight, they are genetically prone to Ectropion. But small dogs are far not immune to the condition either. Any kind of injuries or scars of the eyelid can trigger Ectropion.


In case the owner senses something wrong with the pet’s eyes, the vet doctor should be the first person to contact. The entire process will be less intrusive in mild cases, so diagnosis is needed in the initial stages of the disease. Topical medicines is also a great option if the condition does not cross a certain stage.


Entropion is a prevalent condition that will make the pet roll its eyelids inwards. It is a genetic disorder, and diagnosis generally happens in the initial years of a dog’s life. This condition can affect breeds like the Shih Tzu, Pugs, English toy spaniels, Pekinese, Brussels Griffin, etc.

The facial physiognomy of a dog is the primary cause of the condition. In some breeds, the eye withstands massive tension on the ligaments than usual. Entropion can also occur due to extrinsic factors. Your furry friend, be it of any age, is not either safe from the condition. A dog which has suffered some sort of eye infection the past, has a high tendency of suffering from Entropion.

This prevalent condition, well, in many cases can create the right kind of atmosphere for other diseases to thrive. This condition in a majority of cases will create minor or significant sensitivity in the dog’s eyes. So don’t get shocked if you witness a sudden scratch in your pet’s eye, as in the later stages, something as soft as an eyelash can scratch your cutie-pie's eyes.


If the dog is suffering from entropion, the owner will see a grief expression in the dog’s eyes, which is justified. These creatures, or be it any animal lacks speech like us. So one should highly observe subtle emotions. These creatures will suffer from constant irritation due to their lashes, and tissues do not heal sooner for the affected dog. Don’t get scared if the vet suggests intravenous treatments, as it will only resolve the issue. The surgeon will re-stitch the lashes or even can re-position them to their initial stages. The dog will go easy if the surgeon will initially anesthetize the dog.

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