For Your Furbaby: Best Food for Dogs with Sensitive Stomach and Diarrhea

A dog is one of the most common pets all over the globe. Dogs have different breeds that range from big, small, and even furry. These creatures are smart and capable of loving their owners. They guard our homes, chase away rodents, and protect their owners from harm.


Dogs are not just a pet or a companion, they are also part of the family. Sometimes they are treated more than just a best friend but instead, as a child. Each dog has its personality. Some are just funny, hyperactive while some are just straight-up aggressive. Either way, these dogs play a huge part in our hearts, mind, and soul.


However, like any other living organism, dogs can get sick. They are not immune to bacteria, viruses, and even death, that’s why we must take good care of them like we take care of ourselves. Neglect is a common reason why our dogs get sick in the first place. With that, here is a list of the best food for dogs with sensitive stomachs and against diarrhea.


Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredients Grain-free Formula (Dry Food)

Some food can cause allergies, diarrhea, and frequent gas. Thus choosing the right dog food for sensitive stomachsis crucial for your fur baby.


The Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredients Grain-free Formula is made with the least number of ingredients to prevent your dog from having an upset stomach. This product does not contain allergenic food like poultry or soy.


Diamond Care Sensitive Stomach Formula for Adult Dogs (Dry Dog Food)

If you want a balanced and dry meal for your fur baby, then you should try this one. It is 50% carbohydrates, 28% protein, and the rest are fats. This product is a mix of dried digestible eggs, potatoes, tomato pomace, and many more. The Diamond Care Sensitive Stomach Formula is also a grain-free product that is also for long-term feeding.

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Sensitive Stomach (Dry Dog Food)

Some dog food is just too strong for a puppy’s stomach. Thus it can lead to allergic reactions like skin allergies. With that, if you’re looking for a complete, balanced meal that is not too pricey, then check this one out.


The Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food is specifically for puppies with sensitive skin and stomach. This product is also suitable for picky eaters.


Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Adult Dog Food (Dry Dog Food)

This product is a mix of brewer’s rice, chicken, peas, and pearled barley. It also contains natural supplements like OMEGA-6 and prebiotics, which can help with your dog’s intestinal health and digestion.


Hill’s Science Diet is for long-term feeding because it’s highly digestible. Moreover, this product is suitable for older dogs and smaller breeds.


Wellness Simple Ingredient (Dry Dog Food)

Another grain-free dog food for your fur baby’s sensitive stomach is the Wellness Simple Ingredient Dry Dog Food.


It is a mix of peas, potatoes, and deboned turkeys composed of 49% carbohydrates, 29% protein, and the rest are fats. Its limited ingredients allow smooth digestion for your dog. It is highly recommended for larger breeds. 

Solid Gold Mighty Mini Chicken, Chickpea, and Pumpkin Recipe (Dry Dog Food)

This product is highly recommended for dogs of smaller breeds like Pomeranian, Chihuahuas, and Japanese pinchers. Its pellets are made into petite size to cater to your dog’s small bites. Though it is mainly poultry, some dogs can easily tolerate this kind of meat, a good protein source. It is an all-natural, grain-free product rich in fibers.


Go! Sensitivities Limited Ingredient Diet (Dry Dog Food)

Some dogs might be allergic to poultry and. Thus, the upset stomach, skin allergies, and diarrhea. You’ll need another source of protein that is for sensitive stomachs. With that, you might want to try Go! Sensitivities Limited Ingredient Diet, which is mainly salmon content. This product is grain-free and is for adult dogs or puppies.


Nulo Freestyle Limited+ Puppy and Adult Recipe (Dry Dog Food)

This product is rich in protein from chickpeas, deboned salmon, and canola oil, a grain-free product for dogs of any age.


Unlike other products, the Nulo Freestyle Limited+ has the least amount of carbohydratesthan other food on the list. Moreover,  it is highly recommended for dogs, as it eliminates other potential allergens.


Royal Canin Gastro Low Fat (Wet Dog Food)

Some dogs prefer wet dog food, as it is easier to chew and highly digestible. Additionally, some dog food products emphasize fat-content rather than protein. If you want a dog food that is opposite from the described, you might want to try this one out. However, this product should be prescribed by veterinarians as it contains strong antioxidants.


Nature’s Recipe Wet Dog Food Cuts in Gravy (Canned Dog Food)

This premium canned dog food is perfect for your fur baby that is obsessed with gravy. Nature’s Recipe Wet Dog Food is a mix of soy protein concentrateand lamb cuts. It is also grain-free, which is good for your adult dog with sensitive stomachs. This dog food has chunks of meat with gravy soup. So, if it’s too thick for your dog’s liking, you can just add lukewarm water.


Dave’s Pet Food Dog Food Restricted Bland Diet (Canned Dog Food)

Dave’s dog food is made from brewer’s rice, chicken, potassium chloride, and Guar Gum. The product is popular because of its healthy recipe and benefits for your dog’s immune system. This premium dog food doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. Moreover, this product promises healthy skin and a beautiful coat for your fur babies.



We love dogs to death because they brighten our day with their kisses and help us get over pain with their cuddles and hugs. However, remember that we need to maintain a symbiotic relationship with them. We also need to attend to their needs, as they are vulnerable creatures. A way to do that is by providing them the best food in the market.


Author’s Bio

Courtney John is a freelance writer for animal and pet care for over a decade now. She is also a volunteer dedicated to animal rescue and welfare, working for different organizations all over town. She lives with her two adopted cats and rescue dog.

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