How much should your dog drink?

Checking the water intake can improve the health of the dog and prevent diseases and illness. Monitoring ensures proper hydration; some dogs drink sufficient water naturally while some over drink or under drink. Drinking too much water can cause stomach bloat, hyponatremia, and electrolyte imbalances. On the other hand drinking, too little water can cause kidney stones, dehydration, organ failure and many more.

Drinking too much or too little is also a sign of underlying illness. However, over drinking can signify bladder infection, diabetes or other types of diseases. While under drinking can indicate Leptospirosis, Parvo or Pancreatitis.

Optimum Water Intake

Water drinking depends on various factors

Food Intake and Size

Eating a healthy diet is crucial as the amount of water intake. However, the type of food also affects the water intake. Pets eating dry foods will drink more water as compared to those who eat canned food or raw diet. It is advisable to avoid the ingredients like sodium as it artificially increases the dog’s thirst. Although, size is also the primary factor, a healthy dog drinks about ½ ounce of water per pound of the body weight per day.

Exercise and Age

Exercise means workout and increase in water intake. Owners can use the bottles that have the drop down the cup and works perfectly. After practice, start with ice cubes and then water it will prevent bloating. According to age puppies require ½ cup water every two hours and needs close monitoring, but the elder dogs should be trained in such a way that they monitor themselves.

Medications and Weather

Sometimes certain drugs also increase or decrease the water intake. Hence, one needs to check with the veteran if the pet is drinking more or less. Weather conditions also affect this fact, during winters water intake decreases while in summer season it increases due to the high rate of evaporation and panting.

Tips to check for dehydration and Dehydration

[caption id="attachment_17674" align="alignright" width="300"] A dog (puppy Jack Russel) drinking water flowing from a bottle to a man's hand[/caption]

People check their gums, slipper and wet gums are healthful while sticky, dull gums are a sign of dehydration. Owners can also hold dog’s skin from the back of the neck and stretch it and let it go. If it snaps quickly back into its place, it means the pet is properly hydrated. But if it forms a tent and returns slowly, it means the pet is dehydrated. Dogs that are over hydrated often vomit and act very confusedly or become very lethargic.

Assuring Adequate Hydration

Recognizing the amount of water the pets drink will help to determine whether the dog is an over drinker or under drinker. Few tips to control their habits.

Low Drinkers

Adding Flavoring

There are various ways to increase water intake. One of them is by adding flavors, the owners need to recognize which flavor is liked by the pet, beef, bacon, chicken or anything else and can add in the dog’s water to make it more alluring.

Positive Methods

Whenever the dog drinks owners can praise them or give treats, it will allow the dog to drink more and more to be the center of attraction.


Owners can also keep the water bowl near its food, bed or wherever the dog mostly plants itself. Maintaining water nearby will tempt to drink at least a small portion.


After applying all the methods if it still refuses to drink, one needs to offer favorite food and needs to mix water into the mixture gradually. In this way, the dog will not only eat the food but drink the water too.

Excess Drinkers


Licking bottles are an easy way to control water intake and monitor. These type of containers are used for horses; owners can limit the water intake by providing them with these bottles.


Owners can leave water in a bowl, but they should monitor refills. One can also share it during the day like other pets etc.


Owners can use automatic feeders it will open at separate compartments at particular times. However, few use automatic water dispensers, but the problem is they fill up whenever the water level gets low. For the night, people can opt for rabbit water feeder.

Importance of Clean water

Owners often make a mistake, they provide their pet with tap water, as the harmful effects of water pollution are recorded it is crucial to abandon this practice and offer fresh purified water. It is necessary to clean the bowl before refilling it. Clean water does not contain arsenic or metal content, and it is loaded with electrolytes which helps with digestion and protects kidney function.

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