Labrador Puppy Biting: Easy Tips To Correct This In Puppyhood

If you have a Labrador puppy, be prepared. But you might be wondering as why is my puppy biting me aggressively? The first thing you should keep in mind is that a Labrador puppy will bite for two reasons.

  1. One is because the puppy is teething
  2. Another one is because, with mouth and chewing, a Labrador puppy engages the world.

That's the way he explores the world and things around him. - So, how to stop Labrador puppy biting?

Well, stopping Labrador puppy biting is not possible, but there are methods you can use to make it reduce. Usually, these biting habits stay for 7-8 months, but it doesn't mean your dog is a shark and your hands will be left with marks. 

There are tips experienced owners do, and if you follow the same steps every day, it will affect this Labrador puppy's typical behavior.

Easy Tips on How to Stop a Puppy from Biting when Excited?

  1. Whenever your puppy tries to bite, you will have to say " No continuously. " You will have to teach a comment to your puppy which means to stop in a way he understands it's not acceptable what he is doing.
  2. If your puppy stops for one second, you need to praise him using words like (good boy). This way, the puppy feels like he did something extraordinary and will continue to do it.
  3. You can use a toy for his distraction. This way, he will understand that biting your hands or the furniture is not acceptable, but the toy is. If you do this daily and many times, even in a single day, you will see the dog producing results faster.

So, the basic idea is, whenever the puppy bites you, the furniture or even the curtains or whatever thing you don't want him to bite, you have to use a "No" word so that he stops chewing, and the split second he stops, you have to praise him, so he gets to know he did something extraordinary. 


  1. Don't treat the puppy during biting because it can enhance his biting, and make sure not to hit the puppy because he can get aggressive. 
  2. When you are sitting with your puppy, and he constantly bites you even after using the tips mentioned above, you should get up. That is the better thing to do instead of showing aggression.
  3. When the puppy is not listening to you at all, it may be for the reason your puppy is very active at that moment. You will have to find a way to make him tired, take him out for an exercise like running or maybe play a fetch game with him. Make him run and get tired so that he stops biting.
  4. Buy him a good number of toys because Labrador puppies can be selective. He will love some of his toys more than others. He may play with them for 5 minutes, then back to the furniture or your hands. It is not possible to make them stop biting on a 100% scale, but you can make them reduce biting.


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