Labrador Shedding: Tips To Care & Prevent Any Damages

Shedding is the process in which the dog’s hair starts to fall off naturally, giving space for a new coat.  The double-coat on labs, helps them to regulate their body temperature and also to protect them from cold and hot weather. When the hair completes its cycle, it stops growing and it is shed by the dog afterward.

Why Do Labs Shed Too Much?

Labradors are double-coat dogs, thus, they shed their coat more compared to single-coat dogs. There are two weather seasons in which Labrador Retrievers shed the most:

  • Spring: They will change their winter coat to prepare for a summer coat.
  • Autumn: They will change their summer coat to prepare for a winter coat.

Therefore, in spring, Labrador Retrievers will get rid of their bulky winter coat, and win a thinner coat for summer. In the same way in autumn, labs will lose their summer thinner coat to a bulky coat for winter.

This process is called the molting season and it can last two or three weeks. It’s amazing the fact that their coat changes to a new one to adapt according to the weather.

Molting Season

The molting season is very common in regions with different weather seasons. Wild animals such as wolfs and Foxes, change their coats to make themselves suitable for temperature change in their environment.

Labradors are the same, their ancestors were predators that survived in hot and cold weather hunting small prey. They have inherited the shedding attributes from their ancestors. Being house dogs for generations, some say in the next 900 years, Labradors might lose the ability to shed.

Tips to Keep Your Labs from Shedding Too Much

Shedding is very natural to labs. But if you notice your lab is shedding more than usual, don’t ignore it and take it to the vet. Skin diseases and parasites like mites, lice, or fleas can cause excessive shedding on your dog. What you feed your lab can also lead to excessive shedding. Always make sure your lab has a great nutrition so their skin may look clean and shining.

How To Reduce Labrador Shed At Home?

As you know, shedding is the nature of labs. There are some ways you to keep them from spreading shed around the house.

  1. Brushing: Brush your lab once every 4-5 days. You can do this around the backyard and not inside the house as it can help spread the shed all over the place. Hartz Groomer’s combo brush.
  2. Bathing: You should not bathe your lab more than twice a month. Labradors have a vital oil underneath their hairy coat. If they take an excessive bathing, it will cause them to lose the essential oil responsible for the growth of their fur. Pet oatmeal, anti-itch shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Diet: As mentioned before, a healthy nutrition will keep your lab clean and shiny. Good quality Dog Food should always be provided.


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