Motion Sickness In Dogs

An Overview

Gastrointestinal abnormality related to Motion Sickness in Dogs: Imagine traveling in your car, and suddenly experiencing nausea like state. Motion sickness is quite common in humans. Just like us, dogs can also incur motion sickness while traveling in a car. These animals can also suffer from queasy stomach while traveling.

Signs and Symptoms

As they cant speak and express like us, dogs will dispose of their uneasiness in various ways. The initial sign of motion sickness is frequent licking of the lips. It will be followed by massive drooling, crying or whining out of uneasiness, being immobile, being scared to move, and lastly, regurgitation or vomiting. Dogs having an emotional imbalance may also excessively urinate or defecate in the car.

All the breeds can get affected by motion sickness


There are many probable causes of motion sickness in dogs. The younger dogs are the ones who can suffer the condition more than the older ones. It is because their equilibrium is still underdeveloped. Some of our furry friends can actually “ grow out” of the disease if the condition persists for long. Another cause for motion sickness can also be emotional, which will make the dog dispose of abnormal behaviors, and will lead to a not so pleasant experience.


The vet will first rule out the existence of psychological or neurologic behavioral causes. Then, the overall diagnosis process becomes much smoother and faster. The vet will also collect the travel history of the patient.


The most cost-effective and secure solution will be to make the patient familiar with taking rides in a car. If training and time don’t help with dealing with the issue, there are various medications to help with the problem. Antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine gives a sedative reaction, to slightly calm the dog, if it is having an issue while traveling. Antihistamines also help with the problem of excessive drooling. There are some over the counter medications to deal with motion sickness. These medicines are capable of causing side effects such as vomiting and constant excessive nausea. These pills don’t cause sedation.

The Holistic Approach

Ginger is a holistic treatment that can give great relief to the patient. It can also be purchased in food stores in pill forms, even in the form of cookies. Ginger pills and snaps reportedly calm the nervous system of the animal, if taken thirty to sixty minutes before traveling. A thorough consultation with the vet is extremely needed to feed to the dog. Some can have an intolerance to ginger. In severe cases, the vet may prescribe drugs like acepromazine for the patient.

About Cerenia: Its a motion sickness drug new in the scene, designed specifically for cats and dogs.

Living and Managing the Condition

The owner can provide a safe and comfortable environment for the patient, as this may make the travel period much more relaxing and easy for the dog. Opening the windows in the car may reduce the pressure of air inside the vehicle and allow for proper ventilation in there. The dog shouldn’t have anything before taking a ride. Its favorite toys can act as a distarcting the dog if it’s a high-strung dog.

The Use of the Following items to deal with the Issue

Things like crates, carriers or pet booster seats when traveling can help in combating the issue. It will provide a more secure and safe environment and will reduce feelings of anxiety, nausea, and vomiting. Even in these items, dogs can still see through the window and feel safe.


Training and time go a long way in dealing with the issue of motion sickness. The owner may have to carry certain medications if the dog is among those who easily gets nervous while traveling.

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