Pitbull vs Tosa Inu


Pitbull-In the US, the Pit Bull is generally regarded as a canine breed that shares its lineage with terriers and bulldogs. However, in many countries, including the UK, the term or expression is often abbreviated to mean the American Pit Bull Terrier. The American Pit Bull’s height ranges from 45 cm to 53 cm, and the dog’s weight varies between 16 and 27 kgs. 

Tosa Inu-The Tosa Inu, which is said to have descended from the native Japanese dog breed Shikoku-Inu stands tall at 62 cm-82 cm (24-32 inches). By and large, Tosa dogs bred in Japan weigh 36-61 kgs (80-135 lbs), while the non-Japanese breeds weigh between 60 kgs and 90 kgs (130-200 lbs).  


Pitbull-According to the UKC (United Kennel Club), the American Pit Bull tends to be exceptionally sturdy and confident with a unique joie-de-vivre for life. Thanks to their enthusiasm and compassionate nature, pit Bulls bond well with kids and make good family dogs.     

Tosa Inu-Temperamentally speaking, a Tosa Inu is very obedient, taciturn, and composed despite the dog’s massive size and somewhat menacing appearance.

Level of Care

Pitbull-A Pit Bull tends to become emotionally dependent on its owner because of its strong attachment towards humans, its confidence notwithstanding. Therefore you need to be extremely careful and responsible while rearing a Pit Bull, taking good care of your pet. You should neither be too harsh nor be too lax while training the dog and ensure that the pet exercises. 

Tosa Inu-The Tosa Inu, unlike the Pit Bull, does not call for a high level of care and maintenance. However, you’ll have to start training the dog while still a pup to curb its aggressive tendencies. You’ll need to prepare the puppy regularly in conjunction with socialization to enable the dog to adapt effectively to its surroundings.

Age (Longevity)

Pitbull-An American Pit Bull, a medium-sized canine, has an average life expectancy of around 11-12 years. Smaller dog breeds tend to live much longer (15-17 years on average), whereas giant breeds rarely last for more than nine years.

Tosa Inu- The typical lifespan of a Tosa Inu ranges from 10 to 12 years, provided you take good care of the dog.


Pitbull-A Pit Bull is remarkably adaptable, making it an excellent apartment dog and well-suited for urban life. Nevertheless, Pit Bulls tend to be overly energetic and exuberant, implying they need plenty of exercise to stay in shape. 

Tosa Inu-The Tosa Inu is not as adaptive as the Pit Bull and, therefore, not quite suitable for living in an apartment. Their massive size makes them unsuitable for living alongside humans in apartments or condominiums. However, you can help the dog slowly and steadily adapt to city life, provided you take the pet for long walks and let him exercise vigorously.    

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