Best Dog Chew Sticks

If you have an adorable and sprightly Chihuahua or a bouncy beagle, chances are your Fido is an aggressive chewer. Of course that does not imply dogs staying indoors most of the time refrain from chomping their way through your bits and pieces. Chewing or masticating comes naturally to canines; so if you think that your dog gnaws away at your belongings because it is bored, then think again.

Yes, dogs more often than not sink their teeth into and chomp on almost anything they come across when they’re bored stiff. But almost all breeds of dogs chew up more out of instinct than out of boredom or idleness. So you should not discourage your pooch from gnawing or grinding as the activity enables them to maintain dental health.    

However there’s a good likelihood that excessive and inveterate chewing could eventually lead to destruction of your bits and pieces. And this is exactly where best dog chew sticks come to your aid. Chew sticks on one hand help promote   your dog’s dental and oral health, and on the other, ensure the safety of your   possessions.   

Best Dog Chew Sticks: Buying Guide

Health Benefits of Quality Dog Chew Sticks

It does not bear emphasis that dogs, regardless of the breed, have an innate or inborn desire to chew instinctively. That said, there are several heath benefits that dogs stand to gain from nibbling and biting naturally. For a start, grinding goes a long way in enabling dogs to boost up and maintain their teeth and gums.

At the same time nibbling on shoes and furniture (nearly everything else you can imagine) stimulates their intellect and keeps them occupied. Nevertheless you should see to it that your pet pooch should not munch on anything she comes across. To be on the safe side you must train your pup to nibble exclusively on   vet-recommended chew toys and sticks.

Mentally Uplifting and Stimulating

Chew sticks not only can help dogs stay active physically but also helps keep them mentally stimulated. Chewing helps dogs to focus for hours on end as well as enables them to rein in aggressive behavior. Your dog nibbling on a safe chew stick will dissuade him from sinking his teeth on your shoes, kids’ toys, and furniture. Most importantly, gnawing on toys recommended by vets and animal behaviorists will keep your dog happy and fulfilled. 

Grinding is a Natural Instinct

All domesticated dog breeds originally lived and thrived in the wilderness, preying on quarries, and grinding on bones of games. And the subsequent generations of different breeds have passed on their hunting and masticating instincts to their descendants and progenies. It goes without saying that bones, either fresh or stale not only help support healthy and strong teeth and gums but also furnish balanced nutrition.

Of course you cannot your Fido to brush or file his teeth on his own, offering him chew sticks or toys as treats guarantees dental wellbeing. Dental treats, dog chew toys and chew sticks aid in the maintenance of clean teeth and gums. On the other hand, nibbling on chew sticks and toys helps to stave off aggression and anxiety and also keeps dogs playfully engaged.

Boosts Up Dental Health

The most practical benefit that a dog stands to reap by sinking his teeth and grating on chew toys and sticks is improvement in dental health. You should brush your dog’s teeth and gums more often to keep them thoroughly clean and also to get of tartar and plaque. However that may not always be possible especially if you’re busy with your job and other more pressing engagements to attend to.

So the best alternative is to offer your dog chew sticks, dental bones, and chew toys that’ll help maintain dental health. At the same time, dog chew toys and sticks will come in perfectly handy in keeping plaque and tartar at bay.  

Dog Chew Types

You’ll come across a mindboggling variety of dog chew sticks and chew toys that could pose a challenge in picking up the appropriate product(s). However the task of choosing a suitable product (dog chew toy or stick) becomes easier if you remember that there are basically four distinct types available.

Edible and Food grade Chew Toys and Sticks

Edible chews are very much chewable and endurable just like bully sticks, and chiefly comprise rawhide, hard cheese, and hooves. Dogs quickly and easily take to edible chews as these tend to be quite nutritious as well as scrumptious. You’ll find edible and food grade chew toys and sticks in a wide range of shapes and variety of flavors.

Bully Sticks

Natural bully sticks are by and large made from bulls and male bovine animals, and therefore dogs find them remarkably nutritious. Bully sticks are replete with protein and both puppies and adult dogs can chew on them. They serve as perfect alternative to rawhide and do not have the drawbacks of the latter.

Rope Toys

If you’re looking to provide your dog with a non-greasy and calorie-free chewing option, rope toys are the way to go. It is best to offer rope toys along with nibblers to stay on the safe side.

Rubber and Polymerized Chews 

Rubber toys and sticks come across as extremely safe chewing options and also tend to be durable and resilient. However your pooch may not find rubber chews inviting as they’re not quite as edible as bully sticks and also not digestible.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Dog Chew Sticks  

While you go shopping for the best dog chew sticks, pay close attention to the following aspects:-

  • Should be wholesome and delicious
  • Should be edible
  • Must be digestible
  • Must be safe from the perspective of the dog’s health and wellbeing
  • The chew stick should be in consonance with the dog’s chewing habits and also match his persona
  • Should be entertaining
  • Should be hardwearing and resilient

Jack & Pup 6-inch Premium Grade Odor Free Bully Sticks Dog Treats

Bully Sticks for Puppies Natural Bully Sticks , Beef Bully Stick

Meat specialists who claimed to be diehard pet lovers established Jack & Pup with the avowed mission of producing and promoting healthy treats for dogs made from 100% natural meat sources. Every 6-inch premium-grade bully stick in the pack abounds in quality beef sourced from grass-fed free-range cattle. Each and every bully stick has been created from raw materials/ingredients that are fully natural and odor-free.

These Jack & Pup bully sticks dog treats come enriched with nutrients that help boost and support dental health and hygiene. The uniform thickness and seamless texture of the bully sticks ensure that the dog’s teeth and gums stay thoroughly clean. These high-quality thick bully sticks also helps get rid of harmful contaminants and microorganisms stuck in between the teeth and check tartar and plaque buildup.


  • Does not lead to side-effects and easily digestible as well

  • Bully sticks abound in beef obtained from grass-fed free-range cattle 

  • Every bully stick is hand inspected for guaranteeing consistency and quality

  • Produced in a facility inspected and certified by USDA


  1. Endowed with premium protein and low fat content

  2. Completely free of artificial additives, preservatives, and flavors

  3. Bully sticks are splinter-proof making them safe to consume (does not cause choking)

  4. Meticulous multistage preparation process ensures the locking in of the natural beef flavor making the stick appetizing

  5. The production technique does away with the use of chemicals or additives, rendering the bully sticks odor-free 


  1. Many dog owners have complained that the sticks have become thinner with every subsequent order

  2. Weight of pack not listed 

  3. A tad expensive 

12 SmartBones SmartSticks-Dog Chews with Real Peanut Butter

Rawhide-Free Chew Made With Real Meat and Vegetables

The SmartSticks Dog Chews from SmartBones comes equipped with nutrients that your dog gets from rawhide but without the downsides. In other words it’s a perfect win-win for you when you bring home the SmartBones SmartSticks Dog Chews with peanut butter. Every pack contains a total of 12 rawhide-free dog chews shaped like sticks created from vegetables and chicken.

Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, these SmartSticks from SmartBones go a long way in supporting healthy gums and teeth. Every stick comes fortified with natural chicken and has peanut butter and vegetables layered outside. The   wholesome ingredients make the chew sticks irresistibly appetizing for your pooch and also provide him with the full gamut of nutrients.


  • Perfect alternative to rawhide

  • Suitable for puppies, adult and senior doggies

  • Easily digestible

  • Extremely nutritious and scrumptious


  1. Fortified with vitamins and minerals for supporting dog’s overall health and wellbeing

  2. Helps in maintaining dental and oral health

  3. Made using natural ingredients such as vegetables, chicken, and peanut butter


  1. Glycerin is one of the ingredients that may not be conducive for dogs

  2. There are other ingredients that may not be beneficial either

Purina Busy Bone Dog Chew Mini/Tiny Dog Treats for Small Dogs

The Purina Busy Bone Dog Chew Mini Dog Treats have been especially designed for fulfilling small dog breeds’ chewing needs. On the other hand these mini/tiny dog treats come fortified with real meat that whets the appetite of small dogs. Every chew stick that has oodles of real meat at its core, features a unique and extraordinary shape to keep your dog happily riveted. 

These tiny dog chew treats do not contain any synthetic dyes specified by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C) 1938, they’re completely safe.


  • Made from real and natural meat

  • Rawhide-free

  • Easily palatable 

  • Free  of any FD & C colors


  1. Keeps your dog cheerfully engaged for hours

  2. Choose from endurable beef hide chew sticks swathed in real chicken or quickly digestible rawhide options

  3. The right size available for large, medium, and small dogs

  4. Different flavors to match your dog’s palate


  1. Many customers had issues with packaging and product quality

Peppy Pooch 6” Braided Bully Sticks – 6 Pack

Offer your Fido the 6” braided bully sticks by Peppy Pooch and you can bet he’ll get hooked. There are many good reasons why your dog will find these Peppy Pooch braided bully sticks irresistible. For a start, every stick basically comprises a cluster of two convoluted intertwined with each other.

So every stick will keep your pooch happily engaged and immersed for hours on end as he nibbles with enthusiasm. All the six braided sticks have been produced in the US from 100% natural grass-fed free-range beef and free of any artificial additives or fillers. The 6” sticks are nutritious and wholesome, and easily digestible, and rich in protein but with a low fat content.


  • Nutritious and delectable 

  • 100% natural and made in the US 

  • Appropriate size for large, small, and medium dog breeds

  • Subjected to stringent quality control tests to ensure best quality


  1. Rich in protein with low fat content: Healthy treats for dogs

  2. Stimulates dog to chew which in turn help control plaque and tartar

  3. Helps promote oral and dental hygiene

  4. Manufacturer offers 100% money-back guarantee


  1. Many dog owners complained that these chews were not hard enough

  2. Some dog owners reported that the product did not match images on Amazon

Best Bully Stick Odor-Free Angus 6-inch Bully Sticks (20 Pack)

When it comes to keeping your pooch in good humor by offering her a natural and healthy treat, look no further. Every Best Bully Sticks pack contains 20 nutritious sticks enriched with beef sourced from grass-fed free-range Aberdeen Angus cattle. These chewable and easily digestible bully sticks help support dental health and hygiene by scuffing out damaging plaque and tartar.

These odorless Best Bully Angus beef bully sticks serve as better option compared to rawhide chews that undergo chemical processing. Each and every stick has undergone meticulous inspection by hand to make sure they’re thoroughly free of artificial flavors and preservatives, harmful chemicals or hormones. The bully sticks abound in healthy protein and at the same time have a low fat content.

You can rest assured about the sticks’ safety as they don’t disintegrate or splinter and do not cause digestive blockage. On the other hand, the sticks guarantee quality as they fully comply with industry-based food safety standards and protocols.


  • Recommended for all dog breeds

  • Available in packs of 12, 20, and 24 bully sticks

  • Formulated from grass-fed, free-range  Angus beef

  • Does not contain toxic chemicals, hormones or additives


  1. Infused with high-quality protein for maintaining dog’s health

  2. Digestible dog chews helps remove unhealthy plaque and tartar

  3. Completely odorless


  1. Many dog owners reported that the sticks were not evenly sized or uniform in length

  2. The sticks are not completely odor-free as claimed by the manufacturer


In this ‘best dog chews sticks’, we compared and contrasted five brands-Jack & Pup, SmartBones, Purina, Peppy Pooch, and Best Bully. While the Purina and Best Bully were more suitable for small breeds, the rest were designed keeping in mind the chewing needs of almost all breed sizes.

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