Best Dog Collars for German Shepherds

The German shepherd is one of the most intelligent and diligent dog breeds and enjoys widespread popularity as a service dog. Due to their surrender, strength, stamina, and intelligence, German shepherds are recruited and trained for search-and-rescue missions and disability assistance, psychological support, and military and law-enforcement roles. When it comes to preparing a German shepherd pup or remedying the lousy behaviour of adult GSs, a dog collar is indispensable.

However, dog collars serve three more essential purposes besides helping in providing socialization and obedience training to your German shepherd. The best dog collars for German shepherds allow you to install an ID tag that allows trace the canine if it gets lost. Secondly, a quality dog collar comes with an attachment or projection (D-ring) for attaching a leash which aids in controlling your dog during walks. 

Dog collars also go a long way in enabling owners and trainers to discourage dogs from lunging, barking incessantly and correcting other awful traits.        

How to Choose the Best Dog Collar for Your German shepherd?

It does not bear the emphasis that you’ll invariably need a high-quality dog collar for your German shepherd to ensure effective control. As the German shepherd is a large breed, you’ll inevitably have to keep the dog collar when taking it out. At the same time, the dog collar serves as an accessory for tagging identity, rabies, and license labels or cards.

So while shopping for a quality dog collar for your pup or adult German shepherd, makes sure the product helps serve the above functions. Bear in mind that the muzzle and head of German shepherds have a unique form. Hence it becomes crucial for you to select a dog collar that fits perfectly, making the dog feel comfortable.

 Choosing the right type and size of dog collar is essential because the harness needs to stay on your German shepherd’s neck without causing choking or irritation. The German shepherd’s neck usually measures 18” -24”. 

So it would help if you chose a collar that is at least 22”-24” in length and 1”-1.5” wide to guarantee comfort and keep the dog from breaking free.

Pay attention to the following aspects in mind before you step out to buy a premium dog collar for your GS:-

The nature and variety of activities determine the dog collar type and size.

The dog collar types available in the market are distinguished and differentiated based on the purpose or purposes they serve. Based on the various activities that a dog collar enables the German shepherd to perform, you’ll come across flat collars, Martingale or non-slip collars, harnesses, and head collars. Most dog owners use a flat dog collar for training, fixing an ID tag, and walking their German shepherds.

On the other hand, harnesses, aversive dog collars, shock collars and headcollars come in handy for performing activities like swimming, lunging, etc. 

Suitable materials 

Some of the most popular materials used extensively for making dog collars include nylon, leather, and neoprene. However, manufacturers also use oilcloth, polyester, metal, and hemp to create dog collars to a lesser extent. Nylon is the most extensively used material due to its durability and resilience. 

At the same time, collars for dogs crafted out of nylon tend to be more affordable than leather or neoprene collars. But on the flipside, nylon collars become scruffy and untidy in a few years. So you’ll have to buy a new nylon dog collar every two years. Talking about neoprene collars, these yokes feature a webbed nylon layer to keep the dog’s neck comfortable and prevent irritation while the dog scratches his neckline.

Neoprene also dries quickly after getting wet and is less smelly than nylon. However, many German shepherd owners settle for a leather collar, given leather’s incredible durability and better breathability than nylon. At the same time, you’ll find it relatively easy to rinse and clean leather dog collars to maintain their quality and originality.

No wonder dog collars made of leather tend to be the most expensive among all dog collar types. Another good reason to opt for a leather dog collar for your GS is that its classic looks’ rub off on your dog’s appearance.        

Dog collar types of steering clear of 

Almost all vets, animal behaviourists, and trainers recommend that you steer clear of specific types of dog collars. The dog collar types to stay away from comprising choke collars, shock collars, and prong choke collars. Never strap a choke collar around your German shepherd pup, especially if the puppy is less than six months old.

As the name suggests, shock collars give an electric shock to dogs when you press a button on the remote. On the other hand, Prong collars feature prongs or small spikes that could hurt your dog badly. Hence it would help if you never bought shock or prong dog collars.

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar

PetSafe canine equipment and accessories are extremely popular with dog owners due to their top-notch quality and versatility. The Martingale Dog Collar unmistakably embodies the high level of craftsmanship that PetSafe products are renowned for. Not only is this PetSafe Martingale dog collar more comfortable, but also remarkably safer compared to choke collars.

When you tighten this Martingale collar, it holds the dog’s neck more securely but doesn’t rub harshly against the pet’s neck. The collar comes with a built-in quick snap buckle that clips on and snaps off easily and comfortably. PetSafe has used premium nylon to make this martingale dog collar while ensuring that the product is pocket-friendly. 

Martingale dog collars, also referred to as limited-slip, or no-slip collars, don’t allow your dog to wriggle out quickly and getaway. Look no further if you’re looking for a martingale collar that offers you excellent leeway in controlling your large dog minus the chafing effects. 


  • Dog trainer, vet, and animal behaviourist-recommended non-slip dog collar

  • Comfortable and safe option to shock collar, choke collar, and prong choke collar

  • Available in six different colours


  1. Crafted from premium grade of nylon, this martingale collar is extremely durable and lightweight

  2. Snap-style closure lets you strap and take off the collar quickly and easily

  3. Comes in five different sizes for large, medium, small, and pint-size dogs 

  4. Remarkably affordable without compromising on the quality front


  1. Many dog owners have complained that the size chart mentioned on the site is incorrect and misleading

KONG Reflective Premium Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

This reflective premium neoprene padded dog collar comes equipped with a host of versatile features, making it a perfect choker for your German shepherd. The Kong reflective dog collar is integrated with high-quality Neoprene padding that keeps your dog’s neck comfortable when you take him out for a walk. At the same time, the padding checks irritation when the canine tries to graze or scratch his neck while playing in the dog park or during training.

Since this dog collar is reflective, your dog remains thoroughly visible to everybody (especially motorists) when you take him out for a walk at night. On the other hand, these extra-wide collars sit very gently around your dog’s neck and therefore do not rub harshly against the coat. This Kong neoprene padded collar comes with a D-ring attachment and projections for attaching the leash and name tag,


  • Available in red and blue colors and three sizes (medium, large, and extra-large)

  • Buckle closure

  • Cushioned with high-quality neoprene

  • Reflective piping boosts visibility


  1. Designed extra wide for better control and more comfort

  2. Made of webbed nylon material for guaranteeing durability and keeping dog’s neck comfortable 

  3. Collar hardware including D-ring made of heavy-duty steel for standing up to mishandling by dog


  1. None

Chai’s Choice Best Padded Comfort 3M Reflective Dog Collar

The Best Padded Comfort 3M Reflective Dog Collar by Chai’s Choice comes equipped with practical features, enabling you to keep your dog in check. The 3M Reflective Dog Collar, besides featuring the typical D-ring and the buckle, has dense padding that keeps your dog’s neck comfortable. Meshed padding makes sure your German shepherd’s neck stays stress-free and breathable. The stainless steel D-ring can tolerate aggressive pulling or yank, remains intact and has massive tensile strength.

Shaped out of quality Duraflex material, this PetSafe padded dog collar is not only lightweight but also lasts for years. The Chai’s Choice Best Padded Comfort 3M Reflective Dog Collar works ideally with German shepherd puppies. This 3M reflective dog collar lets you control your GS puppy during walks and comes in quite handy during socialization training.  


  • It comes in six separate sizes: XX-large, X-large, large, medium, small, and X-small

  • Choose from 9 different colours

  • A hardwearing stainless steel ring (for attaching a leash) has a good tensile strength


  1. Very safe: 3M reflective material that ensures nighttime visibility and closely woven nylon fabric 

  2. Breathable and smooth mesh padding minimizes irritation from scuffing and keeps dogs feeling comfortable

  3. Flexible  and lightweight snap-closure Duraflex clip that locks and unlocks with ease   


  1. The black paint on the leash attachment ring may wear off and leave stains on the dog’s clothing or other accessories 

Soft Touch Collars-Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collars

The Soft Touch Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar is a premium leather dog collar offering good value for money. You can take it for granted that this dog collar by Soft Touch will endure as it has been shaped out of top-quality leather. Every Soft Touch padded dog collar is handcrafted from premium leather and stitched manually to ensure durability and resilience.

This dog collar is exceptionally eco-friendly as it has been produced from natural raw materials without using any chemicals or corrosive dyes. Soft padding inside the collar protects the dog’s neck from chafing or scraping and keeps the canine feeling comfortable. The collar buckle and clip chiselled out of high-quality brass resist rust effectively for years.


  • Every Soft Touch dog collar comes with a lifetime guarantee

  • Total length: 24” ; width: 1.5” Fits on dogs with neck size from 18” -21”

  • Built-in ring for tagging

  • Perfectly matches with Soft Touch padded dog leash


  1. Extraordinarily versatile and compatible: Straps around dogs with a neck size 18”-21.”

  2. Crafted from 100%  genuine leather, this dog collar has an extended shelf life.

  3. Solid brass D-ring for tethering a leash 

  4. Two-tone colour (coral and tan) with an elegant black bezel 


  1. Aggressive and belligerent German shepherds can snap or break the D-ring 

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

If you want to keep your German shepherd firmly under your control, settle for the PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar. Conceptualized by a dog behaviourist, this PetSafe dog collar comes to your aid, especially when you are walking your dog. With this headcollar around your German shepherd’s neck, you enjoy peace of mind as your dog can now play, bark, and eat stress-free.

This headcollar from PetSafe keeps your pooch from tugging at the leash and checks needless lunging, jumping, and yelping without irritating its neck. Instead of straining the throat, the headcollar exerts a gentle force on the dog’s name with a padded neoprene loop. This design feature safeguards your dog from muffling or choking. 

You can conveniently adjust the snap closure on the neck strap and the neoprene nose loop to ensure a comfortable fit.   


  • It helps discourage obnoxious leash behaviour such as jumping, lunging or tugging

  •  Cushioned neoprene nose loop presses down on the nape rather than the throat.

  • Facilitates full range-of-motion

  • Available in five different sizes and eight distinct colours


  1. Instinctively checks dog from pulling on a leash by applying mild pressure on pain-free neck points.

  2. Don’t put pressure on the dog’s throat during obedience training.

  3.  Trouble-free resizing or replacement  

  4. High-quality dog collars recommended by trainers and vet behaviourists

  5. Thanks to the nippy snap-closure neck strap and flexible nose loop, it fits quickly and comfortably. 


  1. The leash may not always tether strongly with the D-ring but could be somewhat slack

  2. The section around the nose loop has extra fabric that overhangs loosely on tightening the collar 


In this review of the five best dog collars for German shepherds, the products that stood out were PetSafe Martingale, PetSafe Gentle Leader head collar, and Soft Touch. However, Kong and Chai’s Choice also offered good value for money.

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