Best Dog Collars for Large Dogs

A dog collar is one of the essential accessories you’ll need to control your dog. Dog collars are something you cannot do without, especially if you have a large breed such as a German shepherd or Golden Retriever. A premium dog collar is convenient when you need to offer obedience and socialization training to your pup.

And when your puppy grows up to its full size, the dog collar will enable you to rein him in. Perhaps the best use of a dog collar is that it serves as an ID, helping you trace your Fido if he gets lost. However, given the wide variety of products available, picking the best dog collar for your gigantic St. Bernard or Great Dane is easier said than done.

This review looks at large breeds' top 5 dog collars, preceded by a buying guide. After reading through to the end of this article, we hope you’ll find it easier to select a product appropriate for your dog.     

Best Dog Collars for Large Dogs: Buying Guide

Picking out the perfect lei or choker from the innumerable options out there for your outsized Fido seems but can be pretty challenging in reality. The availability of a sheer variety of products could easily bewilder you, particularly if you don’t have any idea of what you’re looking for. It would help if you kept in mind the first and foremost thing is that you should always choose an oversized collar.

Since you own a large breed, selecting an outsized dog collar is something you should take as a given. On the other hand, you should ensure that the choker’s design allows the tagging of an ID and has an extension for the leash. To say the last but not the least, the dog collar should fit comfortably instead of sitting too tautly or loosely. 

Before you start shopping for a suitable dog collar, you must bear in mind specific aspects. The most vital factors you should consider are your pup’s temperament, age, and size. The other attributes that you’ll have to consider include the following:-

A tangible ID for your dog

Apart from enabling you to keep your dog under constant control, a dog collar functions as a distinct identification mark. Put the dog collar makes a unique identity statement about your pet pooch. Nevertheless, many dog owners underestimate a dog collar’s significance concerning its indispensability as an ID tag.

However, if you live in the US or UK, you’ll need to accredit your dog on a mandatory basis. And the best way to do so is to strap a collar around your dog’s neck. The best dog collars come attached with a disc or nameplate where you’ll have to mention your name, contact number, and residential address.    

Other good reasons to choose a premium dog collar

  • Socialization and compliance training- A durable and resilient collar allow you to be in complete charge while conducting socialization and compliance training.

  • Safeguarding the neck-Most importantly, a broad and thick collar can help shield the dog’s skin around the neckline from the sharp teeth of other dogs. 

  • Steadiness and comfort- A good quality wide collar by its versatile design straps around the canine’s neck facilitates balanced friction distribution over a larger area. Consequently, when you pull at your dog or vice-versa, the leash does not hurt or put undue stress on it. A top-quality large collar stays perfectly stable on the dog’s neckline without being too taut or overly loose. 

Dog collar types

While you go shopping for the best dog collar for your large dog, you’ll come across different types of chokers. Following are some of the most popular types of collars for large as well as small dog breeds:-

Aversive training collars

As the name suggests, an aversive training collar is most commonly used for obedience training. Aversive training collars that mainly comprise shock and pinch collars, prongs and choke chains could injure dogs. Such dog collars are used as a last resort by seasoned trainers for disciplining canines that bark excessively or behave irresponsibly.  


Headcollars, by and large, let you keep your dog under control with remarkable effectiveness and call for the least effort while walking your dog. Somewhat resembling a horse harness, a headcollar comes to your rescue when you cannot discipline your dog with a flat collar or harness. 


Harnesses rank 2nd in popularity after flat collars and are used extensively as an option to latter for keeping the dog relaxed, especially when it’s leashed. A harness comes with flexible straps that quickly slip around the dog’s torso. 

Martingale collars or slip collars

Also called a slip collar, a Martingale collar is exclusively made for unruly or boisterous canines that somehow find a way to wriggle out of it. At the same time, such a collar also comes in handy for training purposes. Applying pressure gradually makes this collar tauten around the dog’s neck, and if you choose the right size, you don’t need to worry about stifling the pooch.    

Flat collars 

This is the most popular type of dog collar featuring, for the most part, a metallic buckle and a snap-on closure. The quick-release closure lets you strap on the collar and take it off effortlessly. A flat collar also comes integrated with sturdy rings or closure that enables you to latch on ID cards or tags and other accessories. 

Choosing the best dog collar for a large dog breed

Select the appropriate size first 

It does not bear the emphasis that you must choose the right size of collar for your Fido. Selecting the appropriate size will ensure that your dog will stay safe and feel comfortable. For determining the proper dog collar size, find out the dog's neck circumference with a measuring tape.

You should be able to slide at least three fingers between the dog’s neck and the collar if it’s a big dog.

The material

The most common materials used for making dog collars are leather, nylon, neoprene, and PU leather.

The buckle

Depending on your preference, you can pick and choose from plastic or metal buckles. The most noticeable benefit of a metal buckle is that it tends to be incredibly hardy, but its biggest drawback is that it can injure your dog if it gets stuck. Alternatively, a plastic clip may not be as durable as a metal buckle but lets the dog escape by breaking it if the collar gets wedged.

Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collars

Look no further if you’re looking for a resilient dog collar that accentuates your pup’s looks. Amish artisans have painstakingly handcrafted Perri’s padded leather dog collar, exclusively using the best grade of leather. Local Amish leather artisans roped in by Perri’s have carried out every cut, stitch, and final touch meticulously using their hands.

Thanks to the authentic and multicoloured lambskin cushioning, every piece is an extraordinary, unique, and exquisite creation. The plush and velvety leather gently scrapes on your pup’s coat and augments the collar’s charisma and character. With the option to choose from stainless steel or solid brass roller buckle, you can rest assured that Perri’s dog collar will stay in service for years.          


  • Available in almost 30 colour combinations

  • Collar sizes include XL, L, M, S, and XS.

  • Handcrafted entirely in the US by Amish artisans


  1. Crafted using the best quality of leather

  2. Luxurious and silky leather does not chafe against the skin of the dog.

  3. Bonafide lambskin padding for keeping the dog’s neck comfortable and safe


  1. Many dog owners have struggled to slip on the collar

  2. Sizing may not match your dog's neck’s girth

  3. Not quite resistant to chewing

Blueberry Classic Personalized Dog Collars for Pets

The Blueberry Classic Personalized Dog Collar for Pets has everything going for it, making it the best buy for your dog. Every collar has been crafted out of premium nylon fabric with high-density webbing to boost its durability. Then again, you have the leeway to pick and choose from an array of 22 attractive colours. However, the USP of this classic collection of dog collars is that you can personalize or customize the one you select.

You can have your contact number and the puppy’s name on the choker. You can select from seven different sizes of Blueberry collars, including regular and customized collars in large, medium, small and extra-small sizes. 


  • Made from durable and eco-friendly nylon fabric

  • Closely woven fabric for improving functional life

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes

  • Chrome-plated metal D-ring 


  1. Correctly tautening the collar will prevent slippage, keeping the dog from chewing it.

  2. The option to personalize the collar with the doggie’s name and your contact number

  3. Choose from matching regular, Martingale, seat belt, leash and harness collars for a complete look.

  4. Very pocket-friendly


  1. Many customers have reported that the collar slides and loosens now and then

  2. Not very resistant to chewing

  3. Unsuitable for dogs with neck circumference more than 26.”

LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar

You will not find a more versatile and moderately priced choker than the LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar. Built with conscientious care in Conway, New Hampshire, all products of Lupine are of top-notch quality and guaranteed to last. Crafted of nylon spun on a Jacquard loom with the outline embedded into the lattice, this adjustable dog collar endures. 

Noteworthy features that make this dog collar exceptionally handy include a customized side-release clip, fused D-ring, and hardwearing bar-tack stitching. Dog owners can select from three flexible size ranges with the ¾” wide collar compatible with a broad range of neck circumferences. 


  • Available in more than 15 designer patterns and a range of colours

  • Adjustable from 9 to 25 inches

  • Snap-styled closure

  • Machine washable


  1. The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee covering even disintegration from chewing.

  2. Select from a range of patterns and colours to match your pooch’s persona

  3. Pattern plaited directly into the trellis for boosting up the longevity


  1. May not be suitable for oversized breeds 

Black Rhino-The Comfort Collar (XLarge Red/Black)

If you need good reasons to buy the Black Rhino Comfort Collar for your dog,, you will find many. This comfort collar by Black Rhino is shaped out of nylon with soft neoprene padding and a webbed pattern. So you can rest assured that the collar will not irritate or chafe the dog’s neck.

On the other hand, this dog collar resists odours, dries quickly after a rinse, and is remarkably lightweight. The resilient nylon fabric enables the comfort collar to retain novelty and originality in all seasons and outdoor conditions.


  • Lightweight design and heavy-duty 

  • Reflective stitching keeps your dog or pup visible early in the morning and at night

  • Created from tough nylon material for an extended service life  


  1. Size range to fit both small and large dog breeds

  2. Neoprene padding for extra comfort

  3. Weatherproof as well as water-resistant


  1. The padding is not as thick as the manufacturer claims

  2. The buckle does not open or close easily

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

If you’re taking your dog out for a walk early in the morning or in the evenings, then buy the Illumiseen LED dog collar. This LED dog collar keeps your pooch very visible, thus enabling motorists to see the canine reasonably. You can choose from six night-illumining colours and change the light mode in three ways with a single click.

Additionally, you can adjust the collar to keep the LED lights on as per the dog’s comfort level. You can select from six distinct sizes-from, from X-X-small to X-large.   


  • The battery holds charge for five hours after a full charge/recharge

  • Available in six different sizes

  • Lifetime guarantee


  1. Plugs into any USB port for easy and fast charging

  2. Dogs stay fully visible at night and early in the morning in winter

  3. Choose from orange, yellow, pink, blue, green and red LED lights


  1. The collar is not waterproof

  2. Some customers complained that the battery stopped charging after sometime 


So there you have it-the best five dog collars for large dogs from Ilumiseen, Black Rhino, Lupine, Blueberry, and Perri’s. The best thing about all these dog collars is that they’re customizable and available in various sizes. If you’re looking for something sturdy and pocket-friendly, then go for Blueberry Classic. On the other hand, if you want a product that offers good value for money, buy the adjustable dog collar from Lupine.

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