The Best Pet ID Tags & Personalized Dog Tags

An ID tag for your pet dog might be more critical than a canine collar, leash or harness. There’s always the risk of your dog getting separated from you or suddenly disappearing, even with a collar around its neck. Of course, you can track down and retrieve your lost dog if the pet is micro-chipped.

However, your chances of getting your puppy back significantly increase if you affix a personalized pet ID- or dog tag. You may lose track of your pet as the animal abruptly wrenches free from you to chase a cat or while you’re walking the dog. And that’s precisely when a pet ID tag engraved with the dog’s name, address, and contact number can help the locater trace you.

Choosing a good quality, durable ID tag for your furry friend clearly shows that you care about the pet’s safety. If you’re looking for a customized ID tag for your Fido, you can choose from various shapes, designs, colours, and materials. This review walks you through the top 7 ‘Best Pet ID Tags & Personalized Dog Tags.’

We’ve also included a buying guide to make it easier for you to select a tag suitable for your pet.   

The Best Pet ID and Personalized Dog Tags: Buying Guide 

Before you start shopping for a high-quality pet ID tag, there are specific aspects you’ll need to keep in mind. First and foremost, you should look for a title with sufficient space on both sides to enable engraving relevant data. After all, you want to ensure that the title reveals complete info about your dog if and when the pet goes missing.

At the same time, it’s also crucial to opt for a pet/dog identification tag constructed out of durable material so that the label lasts long. Other essential factors include personalization, size, and finishing or varnishing when choosing a dog tag. 


The material from which the pet ID tag has been crafted can significantly impact the product’s longevity. Various types of metallic elements are used to produce dog tags, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, etc. Sometimes non-metallic materials such as hard plastic or carbon fibre are also employed for creating these ID tags.

Stainless steel tags

Stainless steel is the most heavily used metallic material for making pet ID tags and dog ID tags. You’ll not only find stainless steel tags in different sizes, shapes, and patterns, but you can also easily engrave them. These dog tags are highly resistant to wear and tear, rainwater, dog saliva, etc.

Thanks to the material's jingling quality, you can easily keep track of your doggie and find out what the animal is doing. However, many pet owners find the rattling or jingling sound somewhat irritating. Nevertheless, you can always buy a tag silencer (a pouch crafted from neoprene) for muffing the rattle.      

Brass tags

Brass ID tags for dogs and pets are as robust as their stainless steel counterparts and more substantial than aluminum tags. However, if you’re looking for a shape or profile other than the standard ones, you’ll be disappointed.  

Aluminum tags

Dog ID tags shaped out of aluminum are remarkably popular with pet owners because they’re lightweight and affordable. At the same time, aluminum tags are available in various shapes, sizes, and colours. On the other hand, the metal is very amenable to engraving, thus offering you excellent leeway through customization. 

Non-metallic tags

 It does not emphasize that canine ID tags constructed from non-metallic materials are not as durable as metallic ones. Additionally, engraving your dog’s name, address, or contact number on a non-metallic surface is not easy. 


ID tags are available in a range of sizes, and therefore you can find a size that is suitable for your pet without much trouble. If you're a small dog breed, you’ll want to go for a small tag and vice versa. Whatever size you select, ensure that the label has enough room on both sides to carve vital information about your pet. 


If you’re like most other pet owners, you’ll want to go for a dog ID tag that perfectly matches your dog’s personality. In other words, you must choose a pet ID tag that allows you good customization options in terms of shape, design, colour, and much more.

GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags, Personalized Dog Tags

The geotags Stainless Steel Personalized Dog Tags accentuate your pet's overall appeal and serve as a unique ID mark. These personalized dog tags have been shaped out of high-quality stainless steel, making them supremely durable. At the same time, the durability and resilience of the GoTags pet ID tags ensure that these remain tethered to your dog for years.

These customized dog tags are made out of premium stainless steel; they tend to be sturdier than aluminum tags. On the other hand, the labels are incredibly resistant to wear and tear and withstand the elements, making them endurable. There’s enough space on both sides of the title to engrave up to 4 lines of text on either side.

The laser etchings on a gleaming mirror-finished surface are striking, prominent, and memorable. These pet ID GoTags are available in various shapes and patterns, including heart, bone, flower, and bow tie. You can choose from two distinct sizes- ‘regular’ and ‘small’; small tags measuring about 1-inch in diameter are suitable for small dog breeds and cats. 

If you're a medium-sized or large dog, go for the regular tag around 1.3 inches. 


  • Available in 9 different shapes

  • Laser engraving

  • Up to 4 lines of customized text on either side


  1. Solid stainless steel construction

  2. Mirror-finished polished surface 

  3. Available in regular and small sizes for fitting easily on large, medium-size, and small dog breeds


  1. Included attachment ring is not durable. 

  2. Many pet owners have complained of engraving wearing away.

UltraJoys Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag Dog Name Tags

Crafted out of rugged stainless steel and featuring a mirror-styled finish, the UltraJoys Pet ID Tag boosts your dog’s ego. You can rest assured that the UltraJoys dog tag will fit comfortably on your pet dog’s collar and will last. While the stainless steel construction guarantees long-lasting functional life, the superior finishing quality makes the tag rust-and abrasion-resistant.

Additionally, the high-quality polishing and the stainless steel material ensure that the label doesn’t get discoloured from constant chafing against the dog’s hairs. Both sides of the tag are suitable for and amenable to engraving-you can engrave your dog’s name on the front and your address and contact nos On the backside. However, you’ve only two shapes to choose from-‘bone ’and ‘round when selecting a pattern.’

Moreover, the bone-shaped tag features only two designs- ‘mountain’ and ‘floral’; the round-tag sports ‘vine’ and ‘mountain’ motifs. The bone tag dog ID comes in two distinct sizes-‘small’ having a width of 1.6 inches and ‘large’ with a width of 1.9 inches.


  1. Jet black ID tags

  2. Perfectly polished

  3. Rust-resistant 

  4. Doesn’t get discolored


  1. Both sides can be engraved

  2. Large enough for engraving up to 4 lines 

  3. Comes with split rings for easy attachment


  1. Available only in black

GoTags Paw Print Round Stainless Steel Pet Tag for Dogs and Cats

Another stainless steel GoTags Dog ID with colourful paw prints has everything. Thanks to its stainless steel construction, this GoTags Paw Print Round Pet Tag is guaranteed to last and resist corrosion and the elements. Additionally, the ID tag for dogs and cats is embellished with a striking paw print pattern over a smooth mirror-finished surface. 

The paw-print design, which accentuates the appeal of this GoTags round stainless steel pet tag, will surely add to your dog’s persona. You can choose from five different sparkling glitters enamelled colours: red, purple, pink, green, and blue. Since metallic tags tend to jingle, you have the option of buying a title that comes equipped with a tag silencer.

These GoTags pet ID tags have been crafted from solid stainless steel that’ll not break, bend, or undergo corrosion. Based on the size of your dog, you can select from small or regular size(s). The tags are large enough and quite broad, letting you engrave up to 4 lines of personalized information.    


  • Available in six different colours of glitter enamel fillings

  • Mirror finished surface

  • Four lines of laser engraved texts 


  1. Crafted from solid stainless steel for durability

  2. It comes with a tag silencer (optional) that eliminates rattles and glows in the dark

  3. It doesn’t break, rust or bend


  1. The holders or split rings are flimsy

MyBeauty Tags Personalized Pet ID Tags for Dogs

If you’re looking for a personalized pet ID tag for your dog, you don’t need to look any further. The uniqueness and exclusivity of the MyBeauty Personalized Pet ID Tags for Dogs ensure that your pet always remains identifiable. These personalized dog ID tags have been designed and made with meticulous care, making it easy for you to etch info about your pet’s identity.

Beauty presses into service premium laser engravers to ensure that every ID tag reflects a high quality of craftsmanship. The company engraves the text and the design manually onto the tag, guaranteeing that the info will stay permanently etched. Every beauty identification has been produced and scored in the US from aircraft-grade aluminum, making the piece supremely robust and hardy. 

You can engrave up to 3 lines on either side of the tag, each line having up to 20 characters. And you have to click on ‘customize now’ to select the tag’s colour and the customization specifics. Stainless steel construction and anodized layering boost the tag’s durability and prevent the label from discoloration.  


  • 13 different colours to choose from

  • Three lines of text can be engraved on either side

  • Laser engraving for permanency 


  1. Made from stainless steel: exceptionally durable

  2. 15% discount on the 2nd tag on ordering two tags

  3. Perfect as a gift item


  1. The included split ring tends to come off easily  

Dr. Fremont's Pet ID Tag Custom for Dog Cat Personalized

Thanks to its unique and distinctive appeal, you’d love to mark your Fido with Dr. Fremont’s customized pet ID tag. These personalized pet ID tags are available in various colours, including black, silver, red, purple, pink, and blue. You can also choose from different shapes such as bone, paw, circle, heart, etc. 

Talking about the size, you can opt for a small tag or a large one, depending on your dog’s breed and physique. These tags have been manufactured from hardwearing material and anodized with aluminum for long-lasting use. Also, the high-quality polishing ensures that the engravings stay on the title for years on end.  


  1. Anodized aluminum material 

  2. Available in seven differencoloursrs 

  3. Choose from five different shapes

  4. Two size options 


  1. Text is easily readable

  2. Incredibly hardy

  3. Fully customizable


  1. The text may not be visible in dim light conditions 

Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags

The Providence Engraving personalized pet ID tags have been painstakingly designed to tether firmly to your pet’s collar. And whether you opt for a small ID tag or a large one, there’s enough room to etch up to four lines of text on both sides. So even if your pet goes missing or becomes untraceable, you can rest assured you’ll track her down.

Since your pet dog (or cat, for that matter) is singular, you’d want the ID tag to be exclusive as well. While ordering a Providence Engraving ID tag for your dog, you’ll have the scope to customize the label about text, size, colour and shape. Constructed from lightweight premium aluminum, these tags will remain in service for years.

On the other hand, the carbon dioxide leather etching ensures that the text is legible and easy to read. These Providence Engraving tags feature a metallic split ring, enabling you to comfortably secure the label to your title’s collar.  


  • Available in a variety of shapes and colours

  • Available in two distinct sizes: small and large

  • Includes split metal ring for simple affixing.


  1. Durable and resilient: made from industrial-grade aluminum

  2. Engris doneg done with a carbon dioxide laser 

  3. Customization options 


  1. Many customers have reported that the engraving and colouring wear off 

Custom Engraved Personalized Gold-Plated Medium Heart Rhinestones Pet ID Tag

The Custom Engraved Personalized Medium Heart Rhinestones Pet ID Tag from Yippo Accessories has been shaped from finely polished gold-plated solid metal. Measuring 34mm in length and 34 mm in width and weighing 0.4 ounces, these gold-plated rhinestone-studded tags are appropriate for medium-sized dogs and pets. Each ring comes with a split ring to easily affix the label to your dog’s leash or harness.

However, bear in mind that this is an ornamental pet ID tag which implies that the piece is not meant for everyday use.  


  • Gold-plated ID tag for cats and medium-sized dogs 

  • Studded with rhinestones

  • Every piece is delivered in a gift bo. x


  1. Comes with a  split ring for comfortable attachment

  2. Made in the US and therefore of top-quality

  3. Smooth and polished finish


  1. Very fragile and hence not for regular use


So there you have it- the seven top-notch customizable pet ID tags suitable for nearly all dog breeds. Some brands like GoTags, UltraJoys, and Dr. Fremont are durable and resistant to rust and rough handling. Only one pet ID tag reviewed above stands out from the others rest-Providence Engraving-the manufacturer clearly states that it’s meant for use on special occasions.  

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