Raw Food Diet

Primary foods for the dogs are kibbles and canned food, but in last few years fresh food diet has changed the entire feeding routine. However, owners are confused whether to opt for fresh food diet or stick to kibbles as many are not aware of its advantages. Few are even unaware of what fresh food diet is, as the name suggests the meal is uncooked and includes animal muscle meat, organ meats like kidney and liver, fresh vegetables and eggs, dairy products, fruits and many more.

Advantages of raw food diet

The main benefit of fresh food diet is the nutrients are readily available. Cooked food or kibble gets exposed to a high temperature which demolishes significant nutrition portion and the natural enzymes from the food. On the other hand, the raw food diet is not cooked, and the entire nutrient content is retained in the food which provides numerous benefits for the dogs. Some of the advantages are listed below.

Nutrition Improvement

Mentioned before, that the raw food diets are uncooked and it preserves the original nutritional quantity. Hence, it invalidates the requirement for synthetic minerals which are added to the dry dog foods to maintain the loss of the vitamin during cooking.

Proper Digestion

Pets like cats and dogs have low digestive systems which are incapable of digesting fibrous plant foods. The raw food diet mainly includes fresh meats which make it easier to digest, but the dry food contains meat and various additional ingredients which results in abnormal and irregular stools.

Oral Health

It is estimated that most of the pets suffer from periodontal disease after they reach three years of age or more. Although, dry foods do have some benefits like it scrapes plaque off from the surface of the teeth. But chewing raw meats and bones provide additional benefits; it massages pet’s gums which increases blood circulation and reduces plaque.

Glossy Coat

A fresh diet like natural foods and fruits provides essential vitamins and minerals to keep the coat shiny and healthy. Fatty acids are necessary and ideal key to skin health which is available abundantly in raw food diet.

Skin Problems

Raw food diet is grain free and reduces the risk of skin problems. But dry dog foods can contain ingredients like wheat, corn, soy which causes skin problems in pets. However, increased nutritional value diet can help resolve the issues of environmental allergies.

Muscle Tone

Feeding the dogs with proper diet will enhance their muscle growth and perfect body shape. They are carnivores and require protein and fat which is minimum in dry foods. But raw foods consist of raw meat which tones the muscle and weight.

The disadvantage of feeding raw food diet

Raw food diet is not ideal for every breed as it can be harmful in various ways.


It is not appropriate for the pets with the weak digestive system or who have kidney and liver problem. The raw diet has high protein level and it not fir for every breed.


Raw meat is prone to bacteria and pets with low immunity or with diseases like cancer are more susceptible to bacteria and can make them unwell.

Time taking

It is a fact that preparing food is time-consuming, as one makes food for the family, a pet requires same safety precautions. The bacteria in raw meat will harm a person more than the pets.

Other Problems

  • Severe diarrhea
  • Nutritionally in deficient
  • Choking on bones and airway obstruction
  • Gastrointestinal problem
  • Expensive
  • Intestinal perforations

Which raw food diet is correct?

A diet like prey model, Barf or something else will entirely depend on the preferences of eating habits of the pet. It will need preparation and planning to choose a perfect diet for the dog. A book on the raw food or speaking to vet first will help a lot.

Must-Have Ingredients

Owners should understand that raw diet is not for everyone and pets that live on dry foods should get the highest quality. Make sure that the food has the following attributes.

Low carbohydrates

High natural fats

Meat protein

Free from animal byproducts

Free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and color

Essential minerals and vitamins

To sum it up, before preparing a chart, the owners should take suggestions from the veterinarian. It will keep the dog healthy and fit.

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