Reasons Why Chocolate Labradors Are So Stubborn?

Unlike yellow and black labs, chocolate Labradors are known to many as the less intelligent, less hardworking, and with no interest in being trained by their owners. Back in the day, hunters preferred using black labs over chocolate labs due to their skill differences. Chocolate labs were slower at retrieving; therefore, they were not good for hunting.

4 Most Common Reasons Why Chocolate Labradors Are Stubborn

  • Improper breeding “Backyard breeding”
  • They are different temperaments Labradors
  • They are lazy toward exercises
  • Heat cycle

Improper breeding “Backyard breeding”

In the 1940s, these dogs started to gain popularity because of their rare chocolate color. People were more focused on having chocolate puppies for sales which led to backyard breeding (improper and irresponsible breeding).

A different Temperament

The unreliable breeding caused the chocolate labs to have a different temperament compared to yellow and black labs. Hence, they are less interested in performing physical activities or chasing animals.

Lazy towards exercises

Chocolate labs are lesser trainable than yellow and black labs. So, owning one, means you have to be patient. They might not be willing to exercise, you ought to find ways for suitable exercise for them. Being very playful dogs, if they don’t get enough training, they can be very destructive.

Heat Cycle

When the female looks more stubborn than usual, it might be the fact that she is in the heat cycle. Just like women, female chocolate Labradors can get moody due to pain when on heat cycle, reason why they can be more stubborn than usual.

Why Does The Chocolate Labrador Have a Shorter Lifespan?

Chocolate labs live a 10% shorter life than yellow or black labs. There is a reduced gene pool that chocolate labs are coming out of, and the same gene pool is more conducive to skin and ear conditions.

In comparison with black and yellow labs, chocolate labs are twice more likely to get this awful ear condition, and 4 times to get the skin condition. All these facts make their lives shorter than the average lifespan of labradors which is 12.1 years.

Because chocolate labradors have a shorter lifespan, doesn’t mean they are not healthy dogs as they have an average lifespan of 10.7 years.

What Is Good About Chocolate Labradors?

  • They are sweet and easy to groom.
  • Hair cut is not necessary, they shed naturally.
  • Chocolate labs don’t need a huge space to live in.
  • Some are fast learners when it comes to tricks.
  • They are very playful dogs, you will see them getting random bursts of energy.
  • They may surprise you by learning things that you don’t know they can do.
  • They would rather play with you than play with their toys.
  • They will come up to you and lie down on you for some cuddling.

Chocolate Labradors Color Origins

Chocolate Labradors coat comes in different colors, lighter brown, and dark brown. Mostly, they come in different shades of brown due to the fact they are the result of black and chocolate Labradors mating.

What Lab Is The Calmest?

The color itself on labs does not affect their personality. It all depends on the breeding. You will find one lab calmer than other Labradors.

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