Sebacceous Cysts In Dogs

Definition of Sebaceous Cysts

The Canine cysts are also called as Sebaceous gland tumors. These conditions are prevalent in dogs, be it of any age group. Dogs get this as single or multiple growths. If the owner sees any abnormal growth in the dog, he should always call the vet to have a further consultation. These tumors can range from being non-serious to being cancerous. The sebaceous organ has sebum which helps in lubricating the hair follicles, skin and hair shafts. Issues arise when the cysts suddenly forms pouch like growth under the skin.

Signs and symptoms of this condition

A sebaceous cyst can appear differently depending on the type and form of the condition.

1.A dog can have something called a Nodule on the skin.

2.Cysts can be elongated or round.

3.Some cysts can appear mobile under the skin

4.Size can be different in dogs

5.The owner can witness multiple tumors

6.Inflammation can also happen

  1. A cyst can get infected and starts bleeding
  2. The cyst can produce a yellowish liquid


According to experts, Sebaceous cysts can get a secondary infection. Thus, a strict recommendation will be that the owner provides a vet checkup to the dog for any kind of growth in the dog’s skin.

Hyperplasia: Older dogs are the most victims of this variation. They are a shiny and tiny lump on the skin. These are mainly found in the abdomen and the head of the animal. Breeds like Welsh Terriers, Wheaton, and the Manchester are more prone to this variation.

Epithelioma: Older dogs are the most victims of this variation. Occasional growths are found in places like the head with thick pus and a crust. These are even found in sensitive areas like the eyelids.  Dogs that get this variation of the condition are Samoyed, Alaskan Malamute,  Coonhound, Husky, and English Cocker Spaniel.

Hamartoma: The owner can notice this variation of the condition in dogs after their birth. They are usually about two inches in diameter and length.

Adenocarcinoma: The dogs generally have these malignant tumors in their cysts middle or older ages. The Male dogs are more prone to the condition. Breeds like the Cocker Spaniels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Scottish Caims, and the West Highland White Terriers get this variation of the condition more frequently. The cyst will be rare. This cyst can spread to the lungs and the lymph nodes.

Causes or Reasons

The cysts are uncertain in many dogs and can also emit a foul smell or sometimes even a pus. Some secondary infections or the possibility of cancer can also happen in the future.

Genetic causes

A sudden trauma or injury

A sudden blockage or pressure in the follicle opening

The reaction against an insect bite

Anti-reaction to any allergy

Inactivitiveness of the follicles

An immediate reduction of secretion of the sebum

A sudden swell of the hair follicle

Imbalance of the hormones


The vet doctor will provide a thorough examination of the entire body of the furry creature to understand the exact location, and appearance of the cysts at present. According to recent researches, the best method to evaluate the tissues responsible for cyst is histopathology. Which will involve a microscopic test of the tissue, removed by the vet using a needle aspirate, or a complete extraction through a surgery. All these tests will help the vet understand the nature of the cyst. Understanding the cause or reasons, zeroing on the prognosis, and possibly ruling out other ailments of the skin is easy with histopathology.

Treatment of the condition

It will hugely depend on the condition and a number of cysts, along with the health condition of the dog. The vet caregiver may take a wait and see the approach of the cysts if he says that the cysts are relatively new. This basically means that the vet will delay any further treatment until the cyst develops into something dire. Later on, the vet may choose to open and drain out the cyst and heal it with a topical medication. The vet may also surgically remove the cysts if they had already ruptured.

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