Stop Your Dog from Howling

One of the many forms of vocal communication used by dogs is howling. They use this form of communication to announce their presence, attract the attention of its owners. But it is alarming when it yells the entire day and night, to cure the problem firstly, one should know why they howl. Few of them cry due to high tossed sounds like musical instruments, emergency vehicle sirens and many more. They have inherited this behavior from their ancestors, whenever they wanted to unite they used to howl, but these pups cry for various reasons.  There are other reasons also why they howl.


Noise Incitation

Some dogs are bred to be watchdogs, which means they have a habit of howling in suspicious environments. This nature causes them to howl in reaction to every sound they hear like sounds of crying from other dogs, types of music, fire engine sirens and many more.

Anxiety (Separation)

Howling is sometimes a type of communication to seek attention. It might not like to sit alone and needs a company of its owner or wants to go out in a park, for a walk, or want to play. In such cases, it will communicate through howling.

Genetic Inheritance

Many breeds have a genetic tendency to get engrossed in this behavior. For instance, a group of wolf howls to signal others about their location after an event or hunt. Hence, the pet might think, if it howls it will seek attention and the family members will communicate with it.

Tips to stop Howling

There are few things an owner can practice to prevent its pet from engaging in this type of communication.


Sometimes, when it is tired after playing, exercising or after thorough interactions with other pets or family, they tend to howl as they become weary. Hence, the experts suggest them to keep active all the time with enough workouts, small playing sessions after a period it will keep it mentally active and happy. For working owners, keeping them in daycare organizations will be the best solution to keep them energetic and busy.

Humane Shock Collar

Experts also suggest using a humane shock collar, it discharges citronella smell whenever they howl.  Pets do not like this smell and stop their activity as soon as they smell this scent. These collars create a negative association with the rude behavior. These work perfect for short hair breeds.


This activity triggers when they are all alone at home. Hence it is advisable to leave them stimulating toys. It will keep them busy and reduce their howling activity.

Positive Reinforcement

Owners can use a variety of techniques to eliminate the pet’s craving for howling. During the training process, one should never praise this type of behavior. One should use positive methods rather than punishing it. Punishing them will make the situation worse, one can use the tricks like not allowing it inside the house until it stops howling or ignores it entirely. Also, reward it, when it is quiet, this type of activity enable it to understand what its owners want. Hence, its undesirable behavior will gradually stop. However, to start the training process, one needs to develop a good bond in between. One can seek help from a trainer or a behaviorist if owners find it difficult to train the pet on its own.

Expend Quality Time

This behavior is sometimes due to separation anxiety, as they feel lonely because they are left alone or outside the house for the longer duration. Owners should not forget that they very social animals like humans and requires continuous interaction with their families. If it continues the undesirable behavior, one must spend some quality time together. It might include small walks, visiting dog parks, playing and many more. One can also take them to the fun training classes. Also, it concentrates on paying for good behavior. If it is left for a more longer duration at home, it is advisable to provide the pet with many attractive chews and toys, it will keep them busy and active.


This process is not directly bound with howling, but it can make them calm and quiet. Although, if one is not using its pet for breeding, it is advisable to neuter or spay them, it can reduce their howling behavior. In any case, if it does not stop this behavior, giving them attention will be significant.


Dogs are like humans and need communication like humans when people get bored, they call or meet their friends it is same for them too.  Their amusement will include interaction with its owners, sending quality time and many more. It will gradually reduce their howling behavior.

Experts Help

Treating howling issues is not very easy. Hence, owners can try the tips first to eliminate this behavior. Secondly, they can seek help from the Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Many experts provide private or group classes which helps the owners and pets to reduce this undesirable behavior.

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