Teaching Your Dog Not to Jump

Jumping is a regular complaint by many pet owners and it is the most important behavior one wants to correct. When dogs meet, they sniff each other’s face. Hence, they jump on people to greet them by reaching a person’s face to seek attention. But how an owner responds to this action is more important. If they feel happy or accept it with a smile, the pet will repeat the behavior again and again, but if the owner rejects it by neglecting, it might change its activity after a period. They tend to repeat the action if they get rewarded or praised.

How can I eliminate this Behavior?

To eliminate this behavior, owner requires to “train” them, but it can be a daunting task as changing behavior is not easy. However, training them with typical behaviors and prevent jumping is also workable even without routine training. There are few solutions to these problems which require less labor, and it comfortably fits into the regular activity of the pet.

The dog always desires something like attention, food, care, toy, play time, etc. The urge to get the desired thing motivates them to do undesirable things like jumping, digging and so on. To change dog’s behavior, the owner needs to make the dog understand that these activities are undesired. In other words, by eradicating rewards, it has to find some other way to achieve what they want. If the owner sees that it is sitting calmly instead of jumping, reward them, they will continue to do the same to get the treat.

What to do if?

Jumps when the owner comes home

  • One should open the door and close it immediately if it is too much excited and if their paws are off the floor
  • Reopen it after few seconds
  • If it continues to do the same, close it again and wait for a few more seconds
  • Continue this process unless it becomes calm and quiet and allows you to enter without jumping

Become overly passionate & starts jumping

  • Ignore them
  • Do not push them with hands it will make them think jumping wins attention
  • If it continues to jump even after ignoring, walk away and leave them lonely or boycott them for a while to let them know this behavior is not acceptable
  • Interact with them when they become peaceful

It jumps on guests

  • Answer guests after putting them on a leash
  • Introduce with guests when it becomes calm and command to “sit”
  • If it gets excited when guests engage in some activity, ask them to stop and gradually get pet’s attention and ask them to “sit.” Guests can continue their activity when it is quiet
  • Ask the guests to say hello when it is calm and has its four paws on the ground. It will serve both purposes greeting and preventing it from jumping

Jumps at strangers

  • Ask strangers to help by helping it to teach the pet polite greetings
  • Make the pet walk toward the stranger and not the stranger towards the pet to say hello if it gets too excited, and they bounce around and bark. Seek their alertness by stepping back
  • Give it sufficient time to calm down (it can be by sitting or standing) then get back to the stranger again
  • Repeat this technique again and again unless it becomes calm
  • When it is quiet with its all paws on the ground, allow the stranger to say hello

Ways to Prevent Jumping

Retard greeting

Before answering the doorbell, make sure to tie a leash on the pet, it will allow them to be calm and to avoid jumping. After they become peaceful and quiet, introduce them to the guests. But if it continues to jump, lead them away and doesn’t introduce it again, it will allow the canine to understand that loneliness is a result of jumping. Hence, it will not repeat this behavior. For extremely wild pets, one can put them in a room with the door closed and once they are calm introduce them to the guests.

Your Dog Not to Jump


When they are calm with their paws on the floor, praise them and give attention, but if it jumps ignore them. Inform all the family members and the guests to ignore if it jumps. Offer them food or anything only when it has all its paws on the floor. The owner should not provide them with any rewards, attention and even food if they continue to jump. However, the behavior will change gradually, therefore, owner have to be very patient. All the desirables of any dog are treats, play and attention should be only granted when they behave calmly.

Chew on

For few breeds, chewing something or holding in their mouth can reduce jumping. However, the item depends on its taste preferences. One can offer balls, toys, bones, chews and similar stuff. Stuffed puzzles or toys are also an ideal option. Owners can give them these chews when guests arrive, it will keep them busy and prevent jumping.

Keep it moving

When someone enters the house. The owners can keep them busy by playing the fetching game. It will keep them too busy to jump and reveal their excitement. Another way is to spread lose treats on the floor, it will take time to find the treats and eat. The time will be long enough for its excitement to decrease and will thwart jumping activity.

Get Down

They jump to greet by sniffing. Owners can discourage this activity by asking the guests to say hello by bending down. It will not only serve the purpose of greeting but by bending down one discourages it to jump.


Inadequate exercising leads them to have pent-up energy, which they try to release when something extraordinary happens. To fight this activity, one should increase the pet’s exercise level. Daily exercise including long walks, visiting dogs park, and enough playtime will make them too weary to jump. But one should seek professional help before making any changes to the pets’ routine.

Change in behavior does not happen overnight. The most thwarting is when their behavior gets worst before any sign of improvement. This process is known as “extinction burst,” it is the last attempt at the dog’s behavior which naturally comes to them to get what it wants. But it is advisable for the owners to stick to the training routines to get desired results. One can use these techniques to see a changing effect.

  Tips to remember

  • Dogs jump to seek attention when someone responds to it, no matter happily or by pushing them away, they feel successful and repeat the same again and again
  • One can stop this activity by praising and rewarding, they can’t jump and sit at the same time. Hence, as soon as they sit owner should reward them to complement their activity
  • Start training them with a close a friend to avoid awkward situations when people visit home
  • Offer praises and treats to them when they are quietly sitting, not during the training of this activity
  • If it starts jumping while playing with a toy, the owner should stop playing at once and walk away to make them deserted for some time
  • If it jumps while the owner prepare's its meal, don’t communicate with them, but walk away from the food (make sure the food is not available to the dog)
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