The 9 dog breeds that have the best teeth

The wellness of a dog depends on the dental health.  Unfortunately, some dog breeds are prone to dental diseases.  Without care and treatment, dental issues can be painful and lead to infection, foul breath, or inflammation that can result in tooth loss.  Moreover, it can be life-threatening and cause liver, heart, and kidney-related issues.  Genetics plays major role in regard to dental problems. No dog owner wants that their pooch has dental problem. So it is best to choose the breed that is less prone to dental issues.

Let us discuss 9 dog breeds that have the best teeth.


Golden Retriever


A golden retriever is a family dog and loves to be surrounded by family members. This fantastic dog is energetic and has healthy teeth. You must watch the chewing instinct. These dogs have superb scenting abilities which make them outstanding service dogs.  

German Shepherd

German Shepherd is widely used in the military, police, and as guard dogs.  These are loyal, confident, and smart family dogs. These are popular dogs in the United States and try to please everyone with their stare.  

Labrador retriever

Labradors are active dogs and they chomp the objects too hard which can lead to fracture of their teeth. So you need to watch them carefully so their teeth can remain healthy throughout the life.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky has beautiful eyes and a thick coat. This dog breed is intelligent and has a fun personality.  The fur is super soft and thick that keep them cozy in cold weather. These dogs have healthy teeth. Siberian husky is show dogs or family dogs.  

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired pointer has terrific hunting skills. They have excellent scenting abilities because of Bloodhound ancestry. These are loyal and lovable puppies that are talkative too.  They try to please everyone.  


Rottweiler is a hard-working dog and they are truly lovable.  Rotties are favorite dogs for the military, and police. These are excellent guard dogs and they are clownish and affectionate with the people especially kids.


The Newfoundland has known for its water-resistant coats. They have webbed feet. They are excellent at rescuing people from drowning. These are huge dogs with a gentle and sweet personality. They are patient with kids too however they are lazy indoors but active outside.


Vizsla is also known as Velcro dog and they are hunting companions. These are happy dogs and excited about outdoor activities. Vizsla needs to chew so you need to monitor them regularly so to keep their teeth in shape.

Bernese mountain dog

Bernese mountain dog is a gentle dog and you will fall in love with this pooch.  These are playful and loving dogs. They are patient with little family members. The coat of the Bernese mountain dog is tri-color and the eyes are a deep brown that will surely attract you. The coat is soft and require maintenance regularly. They need a set of chompers all through their life.  

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