Top 10 Guard Dogs

Top 10 Guard Dogs


Aidi is a working dog breed that is a kind-hearted and exceptional watchdog. It has originated in North Africa and is known for guarding and hunting skills. These are common to Morocco and rare in other parts of the globe. Aidi has a heavy coat despite their origin in a dry and hot climate. The thick long coat protects from extreme weather and resembles a sheepdog. Aidi stands in a height range of 20-24 inches and weighs around 50-55 pounds. These dogs do not like playing indoors and not suitable for apartment living. They need regular walks to remain active and shed their extra energy.


Akbash is a cross of Mastiff and gazehound. This breed is alert and barks on strangers. They need to be socialized frequently and early training keeps them well-behaved. The Akbash canine is a powerful and large dog. The adult dog weighs 80-140 pounds and size range from 28-34 inches. This dog may have a long or short coat. They are double-coated and shed heavily. Akbash are independent and need no human guidance. These dogs are difficult to train because of their independent nature. They love playing and need a yard to run. This large breed is intelligent and loyal.


Akita Chow is a large dog as both the parents i.e. the Akita and the Chow Chow are relatively large. They can reach approximately up to 130 pounds. These canines are stubborn and intelligent. They shed heavily but their grooming is easy. A moderate amount of exercise of required for these dogs. These dogs are protective and loyal towards the owners. The Akita Chow is a good guard dog but they are not very affectionate. These dogs are independent and chase stray animals. These are friendly but do not want to share with their parents. Early socialization is necessary but it is recommended only when there are no other pets at home.


Akita Shepherd is a mix of Akita Inu and the German Shepherd. These dogs are loyal, protective, and independent. A fully grown adult dog weighs approximately 85 pounds and reaches a height of 25inches. This breed needs a moderate amount of exercise and maintenance. These dogs create a strong bond with family and they are great options for individuals, families, and couples. These are bred widely but not recognized by the American Kennel Club roaster.


Crossbreeding between an Australian Shepherd and a Golden Retriever results in Australian Retriever. These dogs have a coarse coat and these are moderate shedders. This breed is friendly and has good herding instincts. These dogs are easy to train and loyal. Australian Retriever does well with kids and they are not big barkers. These dogs enjoy swimming. They are adaptable in most climates and not sensitive to different weather. These dogs need regular grooming and brushing them twice a week is fine. Occasional trimming prevents matting. Clipping nails and brushing teeth is important for the dogs.


Australian Pinscher loves their family members and due to their playful nature, they do well with kids. They like human companionship and suitable for a suburban and urban lifestyle. These dogs are intelligent and thus easier to train. Australian Pinscher has no behavioral issues but some may be extremely possessive for the family members. Early socialization is necessary for them. Spend some time with the dog as they like outings and drive. They do not require special care. Only cleaning and combing will do the work. These are some of the best apartment dogs.


The Canis Panther is a loving and sensitive canine. These are easy to train and loyal. They are agile and good guard dogs. Canis Panther is defensive and well-socialized with people and dogs. This dog is very friendly, especially with children. These canines are bred to be guard dogs. They are not for new owners but are not dangerous.  These dogs have wide chests and jaw with an excellent nose. Canis Panther can be aggressive and need socialization and training. They are not well with other big breeds.


Crossbreeding of a German Shepherd and a Corgi results in Corman Shepherd. This hybrid is very intelligent as both of the parents are smart and intelligent. Corman Shepherd is a good family dog. The lifespan of this dog is 12-15 years. They shed moderate to high and need regular brushing. Corman Shepherd is courageous, loyal, and a little bit stubborn sometimes. The best qualities of both the parents are inherited by these dogs. These dogs are aggressive towards strangers so early socialization and training are necessary for these dogs. These dogs need toys and chew to keep occupied otherwise their boredom leads to destructiveness.


The Gerberian Shepsky is a mix of the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. The parent breeds are very intelligent and possess highly desirable qualities along with attractive characteristics. These are large-sized dogs that have a height range of 20-25 inches. They weigh 45-88lbs depending on the health and diet. Generally, these dogs live for 13years. These are perfect pets for those who need short-term physical and emotional commitment. The double coat has straight hair that may vary in size and texture. The coat is more fluffy and thick.  They have a muscular appearance and are aggressive towards strangers but loving and calm for owners.


Pyrenean mastiff is a fluffy and big dog that has an even temperament and calm personality. These are softies as they have a thick double coat. Their body is strong and these dogs are well-behaved. This is a rare breed and not found in many parts of the world. These are intelligent dogs and are good with children too. This breed was livestock guardian so the dogs are independent and self-reliant sometimes. The gentle and calm dogs need 40-80lbs of dog food monthly. Special food for large dogs is the perfect option for Pyrenean Mastiff. Training is hard for these dogs but positive reinforcement works well with them.

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