Top 10 Medium Dogs


Airedoodle is a crossbreed of Airedale Terrier and Poodle. This designer dog enjoys human companionship and can live alone for short time without separation anxiety. Airedoodle is an intelligent breed who loves to please the owner. This dog breed is physically strong and easy to train. Airedoodle has small eyes and a long muzzle. The triangular ears hang the downside of the face. These dogs have long muscled limbs with a medium-length tail. Airedoodle breed needs behavioral and socialization training. They are full of life and energetic that enjoy keeping active all time.


Alpine Dachsbracke originates from Austria. It is a medium-sized dog with a big personality. Alpine Dachsbracke is a fearless and brave breed. The dog breed resembles Dachshund as they have a long body and short legs. These dogs have broad heads and chests with heavier bones. Alpine Dachsbracke enjoys human companionship and likes to play with family members. These canines are good with other dogs and children but it is necessary to watch them when they are with other pets. The thick coat needs low maintenance when it comes to grooming. These are loyal and have hunting instincts so social training is necessary for these dogs.


Alaskan Klee Kao is a high-energy and intelligent dog but these are not “hyper” ones. These are highly trainable and suspicious of strangers, which makes them good watchdogs. Alaskan Klee Kai needs the owner’s attention and love communication. These are not excessive barkers and occasionally these dogs are people shy. This dog breed needs a moderate amount of exercise. This intelligent dog escapes easily when unhappy. Klee Kai breed has a great sense of humor and excels in dog games.  These need interaction with the owner. Their prey drive is high and thus owner should be careful if there are other pets at home. No small pets are safe with this breed.


Aki Poodle is a crossbreed of Akita and poodle. Depending upon the height of the parent, this breed reaches the height in the range of 15-28 inches. These dogs weigh up to 120 pounds. Aki-Poo has a sturdy and strong build with erect or floppy ears. The coat may resemble either parent. These dogs are affectionate, loyal, intelligent and courageous with an easygoing and playful personality. Aki Poo does well with kids and is easy to train though the parent Akita is not good with children. These are energetic and need long walks daily. Outdoor activities keep them emotionally well.


Alusky is a mix of Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky. These are big dogs and resemble a wolf. They are loyal, friendly and active.  This large breed needs high quality nutrient-rich food for vitality and health. Alusky is eager to please the owner and they are easy to train.  Alusky’s parents are known for endurance and stamina. These dogs are the best for a cooler climate because of their wolf-like appearance. This is a vigorous crossbreed because both the parents have high strength. These dogs are quiet but friendly so they are not good as watchdogs.


American Eagle dog is a mix of American Eskimo and Beagle. These dogs have a robust body and their size varies from small to average. The body of these dogs mostly looks like the American Eskimo parents and the ears and the face is that of a Beagle. American Eagle dogs have large brown eyes and hanging lose floppy ears. Their gums, footpads and eyelids are black.  These friendly and affectionate dogs are perfect for an apartment. These outgoing dogs are good with children and pets. American Eagle dog is fun-loving and playful which makes them easy to train.  


The Foxhound is not so popular and one of the oldest American breeds. These dogs have long legs that give great speed. They have a medium-length hard coat. American Foxhound is highly energetic and needs regular activities to burn their energy. Common colors for American Foxhound are brown, cream, red, golden, gray and white. These dogs have a strong and compact body with almond-shaped eyes and large erect ears. The height can range up to 28 inches and weight ranges between 60 to 100 lbs. This breed is prone to hip dysplasia and ear infections.


American ORI PEI is a mix of Pug and Shar-Pei. These medium-sized dogs are great watchdogs. Ori Pei barks to alert you in the presence of strangers. This dog likes to please everyone and he is a great listener. American ORI PEI is an active dog but daily outing is not necessary for them. They must be taken occasionally for better physical and mental health. This wrinkled dog must stay indoors most of the time as it is difficult to clean their wrinkles. Regular grooming and maintenance are necessary for this dog to avoid infection and acne in wrinkles.


BE- APSO is the cross of two purebreds Lhasa Apso and a Beagle. This crossbreed has a compact body. These dogs have short legs and they are friendly, curious and sweet by nature. BE-APSO is a family companion and has loyalty to the owner. Undoubtedly, this is a friendly and sociable dog but does not makes friends until checking the treat with a new person or pet. These dogs stay close to family and join the human activities. These canines are sometimes independent so less likely to get affected by separation anxiety.


Bassugg loves human companionship. They are also good with pets and are wonderful for people of all age groups. These dogs are generally tolerant and best for children. The canines are people-pleaser and can be taken to training well. This dog breed when an adult reaches a height between 23cm to 30cm and weighs 5-10 kg. These dogs have a long bodies and bowed short limbs. They have a well-defined long muzzle with some wrinkles on the face. The ears are usually long and the eyes are dark brown. These are an excellent pets for those who are new to dogs.

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