Training Your Dog to Walk on a Leash

Puppies will have to be taught to walk properly on a leash as without proper training they will not be able to know whether to pull, walk straight or lag behind. But teaching them chain manners can sometimes be challenging as they move faster than people due to their excitement of exploring outdoors. Leash reduces their movements, and natural behaviors as few like to run fast while others sniff and urinate on everything on their path. However, there are many ways of teaching them not to pull and provide them leash training.


The main thing about training dogs is that they are like humans and few take more time to adjust to collar and leash while others do not. Hence, the owner needs to be very calm and patient while training their pets.

Correct collar & Leash

To make the pet walk on a leash one needs a collar and a leash first, nevertheless, there are various types available that one can opt according to the breed size. For instance, if it’s a puppy, buy a leash that is light and flat. On the other hand, if it’s a matured dog, it will need a sturdy strap.

Introduction to leash

Firstly, the owners should start their training by letting them get used to the collar and a leash. Allow them to wear it for a short period within house while playing or while giving treats. Collar and leash should be presented in a way that they enjoy it.

Small Steps

To make it familiar with the leash and the collar, tie it on the neck loosely so that it does not irritate them or make them feel uncomfortable. Put it on during the mealtime or during training, the pet will gradually become addicted to it and the trainer can then move to the next stage. In case it feels irritated, encourage the pet to play games or play with toys, so that it forgets irritation.

Leash problem solving

The following tips can be helpful to ease the process of introducing the leash to your pet.

If it pulls

If it starts shooting in some other direction, stay stiff and do not move until it comes back. It is advisable not to yank or jerk the leash or drag the pet along. Dragging might cause injuries to the pet. Figure out the reason for dragging as it might be weary and tired and want some rest. However, some breeds are known to be domineering disposition and tend to pull the leash. For them, one can use front hook harness, head halters, and another alternative harness, that are specially designed for these kinds of pets.

Dog to Walk on a Leash

If it Lunges

If it is running after something while on a walk like a car, dog, or any moving object, try to divert its attention by giving a treat or by praising before it gets a chance to make a space in-between and start running. Owners need to be proactive, and therefore, they need to target pet’s frustration before it gets close. This type of odd behavior is typical in herding dogs who like chasing.

If it barks

Few pets have a habit of barking at other objects that they see while on a walk. Sometimes, this behavior is a result of lack of exercise. One should make sure that it is getting an adequate amount of physical and mental stimulation. If the problem persists, try giving a treat before it starts to bark or run after any other object.

It is advisable to reduce the number of treats to keep the pet healthy and fit. The increased amount of treats can make them obese.

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