What Labradors are good for?

Despite being a strong and muscular dog, Labrador retrievers are on top of the most trainable and the most obedient dog breeds. Due to their temperament, they can be integrated into many different areas of human social activities including law enforcement-with tracking being the main task, service dogs-helping people with pre-medical conditions, participating in searches and rescues, and much more.

5 different ways labrador retrievers are important to human

Labradors are good family dogs

 Labrador retriever is the top best dog breed for families. They have great personalities and all those characteristics anyone would like as best friends. They suit all types of owners and have very low aggression towards strangers. Labradors' even-temperate kind nature gives them a great reputation as family-friendly dogs.

They can also strive with small animals. This means, that they can surround themselves with cats, livestock, rabbits, and pretty much anything.

Labradors are good service dogs

Due to their extraordinary intelligence, Labradors are not difficult to train. Therefore, they can be trained to mitigate a disability. These breeds perform tasks that help humans, and could be anything from retrieving items or alerting to a panic attack about to happen.

They can also be used as therapy dogs, going to hospitals or nursing homes to provide comfort for people. Besides retrieval, there are some other abilities this breed will provide a service dog. These abilities range from pressure therapy, medical alerts, and much more.

“Guide Dogs Of America”, which selectively breed dogs that are in excellent health, and have the temperament for guide work, states that Labradors have been the most successful breed for their work. That doesn't just hold the truth for guiding the blind.

Labradors have proven their worth in every service field from detecting blood sugar levels in diabetics to military and police dog works.

Labradors are good for hunting and retrieving activities

Naturally, Labradors were bred to hunt and retrieve. This breed is an excellent diver and swimmer and was initially used by fishermen to retrieve fish that escaped the net or even to push the nets close to the boat. While hunting, they are used to pick fallen animals that have been shot. They have an amazing way of holding fallen animals in their mouth without causing any extra damage before he submits them to their masters.

Labradors are good Police and military dogs

Labradors have a huge sense of smell capable of following long tracks. Thanks to their strong sense of smell, they are used as police reinforcement for tracking missing persons and sniffing out drugs at airports and frontiers. They are generally used to detect narcotics and explosives just by sniffing them out.

During the Vietnam war, Labradors retrievers were the first choice by the U.S military for combat training. They would get into the jungle with disabled soldiers.

Labradors are good for sports activities

Labradors are also used for sports activities including Obedience Competitive Championships. Due to their agility, they can complete a series of exercises accurately as possible.


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