Why Are Dogs Afraid of Balloons?

Birthday parties and other celebrations are incomplete without balloons. Your furry friend escapes from the party because he is afraid of balloons.   Not all dogs are scared but some have anxiety when they see balloons around. Due to fear your dog can bark, drool and show aggression. The destructive behavior is commonly seen in most the dogs when they see colorful balloons. Dogs fear of distinctive sound that appears when balloons are rubbed together.  The common causes of fear in dogs are due to lack of socialization in the early stage of life, genetics, or a negative experience.  Let us know more in detail.

Why your dog is afraid of balloons?

Some dogs fear balloons but not all. The most common reason that dogs hate balloons is the fright that happened when lots of balloons are present in any area.  They must have experienced any negative emotion when they thought of the balloons as a ball and the balloon popped when they dug in their teeth in it.

The other reason can be the lack of socialization in the early stage of life and as a puppy, they have not experienced new things. The learning window for pups is small and if they do not learn anything new in that time frame then they may meet with anxiety and worries.

Dogs just go crazy when the balloon pops and it can cause trauma. Some dogs fear in general and it can be hereditary also.  If one parent is timid then there are chances that the puppy will get the trait of shyness. During the first eight weeks of birth, pups learn from the mother and siblings. Puppies that do not have siblings are more likely to fear things. Puppyhood is the stage when phobias stem. Thus puppies must expose to new things so they easily tackle the things in the future. For certain breeds, some behaviors are predetermined. Each canine is unique and the breed does not determine the phobias and anxieties. All it depends on upbringing, predispositions, and ability to cope with anxiety and phobias.

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