Why are Dogs So Happy?

Dogs are social creatures and they like spending time with human beings. Whenever canines reunite with their owners they greet in excitement.    Dogs want to live in a group and they cannot easily tolerate loneliness.   They can express their feelings through behavior. Even the actions of human beings also make them happy.  Early socialization is important for dogs like the food as it can set the behavior permanently. Puppies are always happy when they see their mother as they feel secure and get food from the mother.  A dog owner also serves as a maternal figure for dogs.

Why are dogs’ happy creatures?

Dogs are loyal and friendly animals. They have some behavioral qualities that make them happy creatures on earth.

They are forgiving

Dogs do not hold grudges and do not get upset unless injured hard.  They may be squeezed and kicked several times but take all this easy.  Dogs do not let resentment reach skies.  

They live in the present

Dogs live in present and what they do right now make them happy.  They enjoy in present.  

Dogs are happy with their things

Dogs love toys like balls.  They like car rides and snuggle on the couch with their owners.  Dogs live happily when riding in the car; get treats, a fresh snowfall, and sunshine.  

They embrace life

Dogs love enjoying new things in life. They at once jump in the water without a second thought and enjoy fresh snowfall as well.  They give all their hard work while doing anything.  

They know to be comfortable

Canines always know how to get comfort. They can find the soft section to sit and shade in sunshine. They can fit in the best part of their bed or furniture. Dogs are good at finding out comfort and they always want to pay price for it.  

Dogs never question their owners

Whether or not you take the dog everywhere either to market or neighborhood he is not going to question you about this because of their forgiving nature.  Dogs love their owners and never show anger to them.  


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