Why do dogs age faster than humans?

We all want to spend life with our loving furry friend but it is heartbreaking when cute and affectionate canines leave us in some years. It is fact that dog's age faster than humans and they do not live long like us.  On average, a dog can live for 10-18 years and it depends on the lifestyle, breed, and overall health. The lifespan of dogs is shorter than humans and they age faster than humans. A one-year-old dog is considered as grown, unlike human beings. Thus 4-7 years of humans is equal to one year of a dog’s life.  

Aging in Dogs

Aging in dogs is faster than in humans and a dog with good health lives for approximately ten years. Some dog breeds can live up to 18 years too as they age slowly.  Canines age faster because of their high metabolism and their genes are different than human beings. The aging process is specific and depends on the dog breed. The heartbeat of dogs is fast and their body tends to wear out quickly.  Providing the dog with nutrition-rich food and regular exercise helps to live a healthy and happy life.  

The aging process of a dog slows down after the initial two years. Generally, larger dogs age faster than smaller ones.  Small dog breeds reach old age when they are approximately ten years in terms of human age while large dog breeds are classified as elderly when they attain the age of eight years.  Like aging, the average life expectancy also differs in larger and smaller breeds. The large breed canines have an average life expectancy of 8 to 13 years while for the smaller breed it is 12 to 16 years.  

A definitive Answer

There is no definitive answer to the question “Why do dogs age faster than humans?” No research finding gives an exact answer to this. However, we should take care of our furry friends to live a healthy and happy life. Our aim should be to enrich the lives of canines so like human beings they can also enjoy life.  We cannot live with them throughout our life but it is our responsibility to equip them with the best and make their limited time special.  Ensure to indulge your dog in different activities and also provide them a balanced and healthy meal for a healthy life.  

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