Why do dogs bark when sleeping?

The sound of a dog barking at night is disturbing and makes the parents worried. But this is normal.  You might think why your dog is troubled and growling and bark when sleeping.  You expect some peace when your dog is barking but it is not always possible.  The barking of a dog is natural but there is one reason that makes them bark while sleeping.  The brain and body of dogs are very active and they need to get enough sleep to remain recharge mentally and physically.   

Why dogs Bark in Sleeping?

There is no answer for this and it depends on the canine and the environment. The dogs mostly bark outdoors because of the external atmosphere.   The dogs bark while sleeping is because they are dreaming.  Dog’s also dreamlike human beings and whenever dogs sleep they go through a dream stage. You can know when your dog is going into the dream stage by watching the eyes of a dog. When dogs reach the dreaming stage you can see them twitching their eyelids rapidly.  At this sleep stage, your canine will bark likely and also make noises like whimpering or growling. 

What your dog dreams about? Well, there is no answer to this because a dog cannot tell human beings about what they have felt or seen while sleeping.  But we can probably guess that they might be dreaming about the activities in which they have taken part throughout the day.

When a dog barks or growls while sleeping, it may be possible that your dog is reliving a memory of a specific situation that caused him to bark in real life.  

Final Words

It is normal if your dog barks when sleeping. When you hear your dog barking loudly in sleep then do not panic and let him asleep.  Braking in a dream does not mean that your dog is uncomfortable and unhappy.  It might be possible that your canine is dreaming about the activities which were performed throughout the day.  Let your dog get plenty of exercise and other physical activities for a sound sleep at night.  

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