Why Dogs Eat Grass and Tips to Prevent It?

Is your dog always ready to move outdoors and excited to eat mouthful of grass? 

Are you pondering over to know the reason for the same? 

Are you worried about the grass eating habit of your furry friend? 

Do you want to be a caring pet parent?

No worries! Here are all your answers. By the end of this article, you will be able to know some reasons why your dog gets attracted towards green and fresh grass. Also, you get to know dog care tips by considering which you can keep your pet healthy. 

Dogs are the most wonderful creatures of God. They not only make the life of individuals happy and worth living, but also their unconditional love makes you feel special. Therefore, it's essential to look at your dog habits (grass-eating, continuous howling, digging, etc.) and give him a healthy and loveable life. 

Now, the question here is “why does your dog eat grass?”. 

Well! There is no one specific answer to support this question. Actually, there are various reasons for the grass eating habit of your canine friend. Some habits are normal while some need your attention. Now, without any further discussions, let's take a rundown for some reason to know why dogs eat grass.

5 Reasons "Why Dogs Eat Grass?" Is Grass safe to Eat? 

Let's begin. 

1- Dogs Find Grass Tasty

One of the reasons behind your furry friend eating grass might be his liking towards the taste and texture of grass. In fact, Most of the furry pets are grass connoisseurs. They love eating grass due to its good taste.

Do remember that dogs enjoy eating different types of things that are not liked by humans. So, there is nothing to worry about until it harms your furry friend. 

Prevention: Many times, it is observed that by changing the diet plan of the pet and giving a high-fiber diet, you can easily stop the grass eating behavior of your canine friend. 


2- Stomach Disorder

Sometimes your dog might be eating grass when he starts feeling tummy trouble and wants to vomit. Eating grass in such cases leads your pet to get relief. Around 25% of the pets start vomiting instantly after eating grass. So, if your dog makes swallowing motions and continuously eats grass, then don't take it lightly.

Prevention: In this situation, your pet might be facing inflammatory bowel disease, gastric reflux, etc. Do you want to keep your dog away from stomach disorders? So, if you see your dog eating grass and vomiting continuously, then consider taking your pet to the vet and provide him proper medication. 

3- They Find it as a Source of Entertainment 

Most of the time, dogs eat grass when they feel bored. To pass their time and get indulged in some physical activity, they prefer eating grass. 

Some dogs start engaging in forbidden behavior when they feel neglected. They try to gain the attention of their owner by eating grass. Moreover, it can be a sign that your dog wants to get engaged in some physical activity.

Prevention: To make your pet feel noticed and happy, make sure you give him enough time, especially when you see him eating grass. Try to take him for a walk or provide him with some chewing toys. This way you can make your dog busy and keep him away from the grass-eating habit. 

4- Less Nutritional Value

Another reason for your dog eating grass might be less nutritional value. Are you providing a full nutritional diet to your furry friend? But still, he shows anxious behavior and gets attracted to long bushes. 

If yes, then there are chances that he might be lacking nutrition. Therefore, to make up the nutritional value, your four-legged friend might be eating green bushes. If you see such behavior change in your dog, then it's the time when you need to look at your dog's food and health. 

Prevention: If you suspect an unusual behavior of your dog just because of an unhealthy diet, then I would recommend you to switch to healthy food, which is full of nutrients and fibers. Moreover, you can also contact a vet for professional recommendations. This tip will give your desired results in a short period. 

5- Psychological Imbalance

The next differential cause might be due to physiological conditions. Just as humans, dogs also feel stressed. Therefore, to feel comfortable and relaxed, they tend to eat grass and crew different things. 

Also, the indifferent behavior of your furry friend is a sign that he might be in trouble and wants special care. It is believed that sometimes dogs eat grass without chewing that irritates the dogs and might further lead to poisoning risk. So, one should not ignore the changing behavior of your pet. 

Prevention: To make your pet get rid of psychological imbalance, I recommend you to spend more time with your friend and increase the level of companionship. It will make your dog both energetic and happy. Moreover, you can also treat him with vet-approved herba, desensitization therapy, or provide him with prescribed medication. 

In a Crux

Grass eating habits of dogs is one of the most common behaviors which is considered casual and non-fatal even by the vet. Yes! It’s something that is nothing much to be worried about. But, if the unnatural behavior of your pet continues for long and repeats, then it's something that one must consider. 

So, if you see your pet craving towards bushy grass regularly, then you need to understand all the scenarios and evaluate the actual reason behind the grass eating habit of your canine friend. 

Hopefully, the above reasons and preventions will allow you to clear insight regarding why dogs get attracted to grass as per different scenarios. Furthermore, if you still have any second thoughts or want to say something about the grass eating behavior of dogs, then free to drop and comment in the section address below. 

Happy Parenting!!! 

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