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Blue Picardy Spaniel


The Blue Picardy Spaniel bred in the early 1900s in Picardy, close to the mouth of the river Somme. Because of the quarantine restriction of the re-entry in U.K., hunters kept their dogs in Picardy. The English settler got confused with the local Picardy dogs that led to the development of Picardy Spaniel and the Blue Picardy Spaniel. Both the breeds got separate names after the formation of Blue Picardy Spaniel Club and the Picardy Spaniel Club in the year 1921. The Blue Picardy Spaniel got its recognition in France in 1938 and was first received by Ronald Meunier, in Canada in 1987 and recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club on 1st June 1995.

Picardy Blue Spaniel

Facts About Blue Picardy Spaniel

Breed Group Hunting, sporting, gun dog
Breed Type CrossBreed
Country of Origin France
Other Names Epagneul Bleu de Picardie, Bleu Picard
Size Large
Height 22-24 inches
Weight 43-45 lbs
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information CKC, DRA, FCI,UKC,CKC
Shedding Average
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 6-8 puppies
Color Grey, black, speckled
Life Expectancy 12-14 years
Coat Straight to slightly wavy, medium length, thick, fringes on legs, ears, underbelly & tail
Price $600-$800

Temperament and Personality

The dog is known for its calm, patient, well-mannered behavior and builds-up a strong bond with family as well as with children. The dog is playful and need attention all the time and are an excellent partner for those who can spend enough time with them. They are quite active, so they require physical and mental challenges to be fit enough. They work as a good watch dog and will bark and alert if sees any intruder entering the premises. It is also blessed with an excellent sense of smelling and is comfortable in both land and water.



The dog is energetic so it should exercise daily, like long walks, jogging that can balance its energy level. However, they are excellent swimmers and can swim without any hesitation.


It sheds moderately, but can drop massively during seasonal times; usually, they require brushing twice a week. Bathe them when necessary and trim it’s lower- end of the hair and its nails frequently. Clean its teeth and check its eyes and ears to avoid any infection.

Health Problems

It is a healthy dog, so it does not have any known health issues but can get injured in fields due to its hunting instincts.


The breed is a quick learner, easy to train and are suitable for experienced owners. However, adopt positive methods to train them. Teach them to be obedient and responsive to commands and praise them for good things they adopt. Practice socializing them with new people and keep them engaged to retrieve its skills.

Images of Blue Picardy Spaniel


Serve the dog with 2½ to 4 cups of good quality dry food split into at least two meals every day, but sometimes the amount of food varies with its size, energy level, and age.


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