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Rampur Greyhound originated in Rampur (North India) and have existed for over 300 years. This breed was introduced in the early 20th century by King Ahmed Ali Khan Bahadur, the ruler of Rampur in that period. He wanted to create a violent and athletic dog breed that could efficiently hunt wild boar, a favorite recreation of the royal people. King crossed two dogs Afghan’s Tazis and Greyhounds of English. The cross developed into a brave hunter that had the unique ability to see. These dogs are mighty and fast runners and cover a long distances at high speed.


Rampur Sighthound is a part of Sighthound family. However, there is confusion between its types, but it is claimed that there are three varieties of this breed.

  • Reza – It is small, shy, homely, playful and hunts for smaller animals.
  • Kesari – Rarest amongst this breed and looks like Deer Hound with a more extended coat.
  • Sahi Shikari – Nawabs and Maharajas kept this variety for hunting. These dogs are powerful, royal with robust jaws and have a very moody nature. These hunters hunt big animals like Blue Bull and can also attack a tiger if needed. It is believed that this is the real Rampur Hounds and others are mixed varieties.

Temperament & Personality

Greyhound mix dogs are good companion and take pleasure in being with its family members. They are famous for faithfulness towards its owners and don't miss a chance to secure them. They tend to follow a single member of the family making them a one owner dog. The dog also shows a reserved behavior at times due to their shyness. Sighthounds tend to stay clean, tidy and well groomed besides being best playmates for children. But supervision is required as they are energetic and might hurt kids out of excitement.

They are well reserved with strangers and take a time to get friendly. This breed can be a threat to unknown people as they can attack them anytime if they find them suspicious. This quality makes them an ideal watch dog. Due to their prey drive, they do not go well with other dogs and need socialization and supervision. Depending on their moods, they can be very lethargic or while fully charged. It will best for a house with a big yard, but if living in an apartment life, it will require heavy exercise schedule.


It is an active breed and requires a substantial exercising schedule. Minimum three long walks a day and enough play time will be adequate for the dog. They are fast runners and can run at speeds over 30km/hour. Therefore they should be appropriately strapped in public spots like dog parks, roads, garden, etc.


It does not require much grooming due to short coat. Brushing once a week will keep its coat healthy and clean. Additionally, brushing their teeth twice a week will prevent tartar collection and tooth decay. Ear cleaning will be required once a week to remove the collection of wax that may cause painful ear infections. Nails will need trimming when they overgrow.

Health Problems

Rampur Greyhound is a strong breed and does not suffer from significant problems. However, they might suffer from few diseases like Greyhounds in Western countries. Few significant issues are Esophageal Achalasia, Bloating, and Osteosarcoma. Due to their lean structure, they cannot sleep on hard surfaces and requires proper bedding without which they can suffer from painful skin sores.


Training Rampur Hounds is relatively easy. They are not very intelligent, but their quiet nature makes them learn things very fast. Socializing can be done by making them interact with other dogs, and new people will change their behavior. They are excellent runners, hence training them to wear a dog strap is essential for its puppyhood. These dogs are very temperamental and harsh training methods will slow the process. Thus, positive ways like treats and hugs will help to learn fast.


Commercial dry dog food with other nutrients will be adequate. Diet rich in Vitamin A will prevent the skin problems.

Rampur Greyhound Facts

Rampur Greyhound


Breed Type:


Other Names:

North Indian Grey Hound, Rampur Hound

Height & Weight:

Male- 24-30 inches Female- 22-24 inches & 60-65 pounds


White and black, fawn, grizzle, parti-color, mouse gray

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information:

Unknown (Few registered in U.S.A and New Jersey)


Moderate Shedding



Average Litter Size:

6-9 puppies


13-14 years


Smooth and short





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