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Aki Poo


Aki-Poo is a cross between Akita Inu and Poodle. The history of this dog is not specific as it is a hybrid of two dogs.

Facts About Aki Poo

Breed Group Watchdog
Breed Type Mixed
Country of Origin The United States of America
Other Names Akipoo, Akidoodle, Akitadoodle, Akita-Poodle, Pookita, Akita Poodle Mix
Size & Height 15-28 inches
Weight 40-110 pounds
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DRA
Shedding If the coat is that of a Poodle, then low; or of an Akita, then high
Hypoallergenic N.A.
Litter Size 6-9 puppies
Colour All colors of both Akita and Poodle
Life Expectancy 12-15 years
Coat Small, medium and straight
Price N.A.

Temperament & Personality

As a hybrid, it inherits the attitude of both Akita and Poodle. It is very protective of its loved ones which is why it is a good guard dog. Like the poodle, it is vocal without barking extensively and is typically affectionate, lively, loyal and playful. With proper guidance, it’ll behave well with children and other animals. However, if they are not raised with the children, then it may struggle, like Akitas. It is very trainable, easy to learn and has the intelligence of its parents. The dog may feel separated and develop negative attitude if left alone for extended periods. It also enjoys retrieving and water activities.



Daily exercise is vital for Akipoos which include half-an-hour of walking or playing. They can be suitable for fetching, running, tugging and swimming regularly. It needs these activities to stay healthy both physically and mentally.


They need frequent brushing, at least four or five times a week for their dense coat.

Health Problems

These are a healthier breed compared to others. The only common issue is hip dysplasia.


Akipoos are the most receptive to commands when they are 8 or 12 weeks old, that is when they should begin training. They should be taught patience and tolerance with younger kids. Teach it to control its aggressiveness and not be dominant. More importantly, never yell at them while they are barking, instead use the ‘quiet’ command to make it stop.


Since it is almost the size of an Akita, its diet should be similar to them. Its food should be high in protein and should provide high energy.


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