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Kangal dog, a purebred and sturdy dog with large bones. Mostly used as a flock guardian, protecting flocks of sheep from the predators like jackals, bears, wolves. The size of the dog has naturally developed as a result of its continued use in Turkey as a guardian. Kangal puppies are distinguished by large broadheads, black masks, drop ears and a curled tail which completes a distinctive silhouette. These kurdish dogs have a more extended body than their height. Over the last decade, it has emerged as one of the popular dog breeds that start with the letter “K”.

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Facts About Kangal Dog
Breed Group Flock Guardian
Breed Type  Purebred
Country of Origin Turkey
Other Names Kangal, Karabash, Turkish Kangal Dog
Size & Height Male : 30-32 inches

Female:28-30 inches

Weight Male:110- 145 pounds

Females: 90-120 pounds

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information ACA, ACR, APRI, CKC,DRA,KDCA,NKC,UKC
Shedding Seasonal, Heavy
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 5-10 puppies
Color Steel, gray, dull gold with white markings on chin, chest, and feet. Black patches on nose
Life Expectancy 12-15 years
Coat Dense double coat, harsh outer coat, very soft undercoat
Price $600-$800 USD


  1. Turkish Kangal Dog
  2. Kurdish Kangal Dog

Cross/ Mix varieties

Pitbull X Kangal

Kangal X Mastiff

Boerbel X Kangal

German Shephard X Kangal mix

Kangal X Rotteweiler

kangal X caucasian shepherd mix

Temperament & Personality

Kangal Dog acquires an attitude that is defensive and territorial. One of the biggest dog has the speed and courage to confront the flocks of sheep. They are loyal towards family but stay reserved with strangers. They sheepdogs respond to dangers with actions and warnings and are ideal guard dogs. Kangal dog fight is famous amongst all the dogs.



Kangal puppies require mental stimulation and regular exercise. These giant watchdogs can quickly complete their tasks by protecting their property or by patrolling the livestock. Family dogs will need jogs, socialization to get proper mental and physical exercise. Turkish dog can get hard to handle if not provided with appropriate training.


Their puppies require little grooming as they are rocky mountain dogs. A seasonal shedder, brushing is needed during the shedding seasons.


Training with rewards like food, praises or friendly pats is more useful as they are the most strongest dogs. Instruct the dog to feed only by the hands of t

he owner and not the strangers preventing them from becoming compliant.


Kangal hound should eat a low protein dry food. In Turkey, these  brindle dogs are given barley meal made by boiled barley.


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