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Polish Hound


The history of the Polish hound is unclear, but some records say it came into existence in the 14th-18th century when royal families started breeding these dogs for the hunting purpose.

Polish hounds are purebred with an athletic build. With a large head and muscular legs, they possess the typicalities of a hound dog. They have a wrinkled forehead with a broad muzzle coupled with a pair of leaning brown eyes. Their large tails hang lower than their backside.

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Facts About Polish Hound

Breed Group Hound, scent hound
Breed Type Purebred
Country of Origin Poland
Other Names Ogar Polski,
Size & Height Medium, up to 22 inches
Weight Male(55-70 pounds)

Female(44-57 pounds)

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information FCI, UKC, DRA
Shedding Average
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size NA
Colour Brown, black, black and tan(with white markings)
Life Expectancy 13-14 years
Coat Short, medium, thick
Price NA

Temperament & Personality

Being brave and courageous, these dogs can be an excellent watchdog and hunting dog. The Polish Hound is known for its great endurance and the excellent sense of smell. It is capable of chasing the game for a vast distance in any terrain. While hunting its prey, the dog gives out a loud bark.

These hounds also make a great family companion and always shows a disposition of kindness, affection, and love to the entire family. The Ogar Polski also does well with the children and other pets in the house. A probable buyer of this breed should know that these hounds do become wary of strangers and at times can become aggressive to them.



Because of their highly energetic lifestyle, the Ogar Polski needs regular activities to keep itself physically fit and healthy. An hour of simple walk, jogging or a game of fetch will complete the hound’s exercise needs.


The teeth should be cleaned with a Vet approved product once in a week. The coat, on the other hand, should be cleaned once in a week to prevent dead hair from accumulating in the fur.

Health Problems

There have been instances where the Polish Hounds were found to be living beyond their 13-14 years lifespan. Apart from the usual health issues of all canines, these dogs do not get any other major health issues.


To get rid of the dog’s usual barking habit at strangers, the owner should start with the “ quite” training. Puppies need leash training to make them an obedient dog in the future.

Polish Hound


The owner should give the dog a quality dog food rich in all the nutrients especially protein.


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