Dog a Picky Eater? What to Do

Dogs love to eat, and they eat everything and anything without any hesitation, but some dogs don’t like eating much and do not appear to be excited when food is given to them. However, this can be concerning for few owners as low food intake result in low absorption of vitamins and minerals and result in low health. There are various reasons for the dog to become a picky eater. If the pet has always been an excellent eater, but suddenly developed a reduced appetite, there is something which requires a check immediately.

Additionally, if it grows diarrhea, vomiting or recently loses weight, one can take it to the veterinarian. Oral health problems like tooth pain or mouth infection can also make eating challenging for the best eaters. Hence, the owners can check for bad teeth, sores or another object which are causing pain. It can be another reason to visit the veterinarian. Once the problem is recognized and treated, its appetite will return quickly. But what to do if it does not have any health issues and it is eating a decreased diet, there are various other reasons due to which the dog bites a low intake.

Reasons for Picky Eating


Dogs like eating and might like to eat human food which is mouth watering which fills its tummy and decreases the meals intake. It should be remembered that some human foods are harmful to a pet.


Pets are like human beings and get bored if a particular diet is fed for a longer duration.  Owners can change the menu to dry dog food to homemade food to check if it eats a sufficient amount.


Dietary requirements change with time, as a growing puppy requires a high diet while at the same time an older pet requires a different amount. Owners will need measuring the food with pet’s age and weight change.

Feeding Problems

The dog might face problems while eating as the bowl might be in a busy place. Therefore, it will need a place change where the pet can eat its meal calmly where no one can disturb them.

Tips to feed a picky eater

No feeding from the table

Owners have a habit of feeding a slice or two to their pet while eating. No matter it is veggies, meat, beans or fried foods. However, it will provide proper nutrition, but it will urge the canine to develop a habit of begging which will further lead to health problems like constipation, diarrhea or pancreatitis. It will also allow it take this food as a better option for its own food.

Separate Food

Sometimes owners want to share their healthy food with their pet members. One can do it but place the food in its bowl and not from the plate or table. Pet should never combine their food with that of humans.


Depending on needs a dog should eat two to three times a day. Owners require understanding their requirements and feed accordingly by making a table. If it does not turn up, the same food can be offered for the next scheduled meal. Free feeding encourages to develop picky behavior. But some stubborn puppies might not eat their meals to get treats. In that case, owners should not offer any eating item before scheduled meal time.


Before offering, owners can go through the entire menu list pick some of the healthy options and rotate the same. It is essential to switch food items as it can develop boredom if single food is provided over time. Snacks can do wonders adding some carrots, peas or sliced veggies will increase its urge to eat.

No or Fewer Treats

People tend to give their pets too many treats which allows them to reject food and wait for mouth-watering treats and table scraps. Small pieces apart meals suppress their desire to eat and develop pickiness.


Proper exercise like enough play time in the yard or long walks twice a day will make the canine digest faster and increase hunger which will further avoid pickiness. Owners can also use toys to make them eat. Food dispensable puzzle toys are an ideal way to stimulate its mind while making it eat.

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