Dog Park Behavior and Etiquette

With the increasing demand for pets, dog parks have become popular across the world. There are many and have different designs and sizes but serve the same purpose, they offer a place where pets can run freely and amalgamate with other dogs. However, it benefits both the owner as well as the pet.

Insufficient mental and physical activity can result in behavioral problems in pets as they are inborn active and were earlier used as watchdogs, protecting livestock, herding and to control pests. These dogs are now used as pets, and they spend most of the time sitting idle in their couches and eat meals without any physical labor, due to which they become bored, overweight and lonely. They do not find ways to spend their energy and develop undesirable activities. To, keep the pet healthy, happy and trouble-free owners should find ways to exercise their body and mind.


Mental and Physical exercise

Park can provide a free place where it can move around freely, mix with others, explore new areas and new smells unless it gets weary. Few become so exhausted that sleep for hours after a visit to the park.

Social skills

Dogs are social animals like us, and they love to spend time with their species, and a dog park is an ideal place where it can spend time with a variety of other pets. These experiences help them to decrease aggression and fear problems.

Entertainment for owners

Park is a place that is favorite of both owners as well as pets because they can train or exercise their pets without any hassle, mix with other owner or pet lovers. They can also develop a bond with their pets by playing with them. It is an ideal place to practice off-leash training as it has proper fencing.


Apart from having many benefits it also has few drawbacks too, and it is crucial to know them before visiting a park.

Health problems

Pets who are vaccinated are not prone to get ill easily, while pets who are not treated can quickly catch health problems after visiting dogs park. The problem starts when it communicates or interacts with other pets like humans. To become a regular park user, one needs to get a veterinarian check up to avoid frequent health problems. If one has a small pet or puppy one needs to be very watchful, sometimes the larger dogs take the puppies as prey and try to attack them, if not taken care they can get hurt.


Firstly, few pets are a reserve and are naturally shy or easily gets devastated, for them visit to a park will be problematic. As they are not comfortable with others, it can start snarling, bark, growl, snapping, lunging and keep them at bay. they can even bite other pets if they approach them.

Secondly, every owner is not same and have a different point of view. They do not agree on what a typical behavior should be and what is not acceptable during a play session. Owners might argue over a dogfight and dispute can result in human problems.

Pets that benefits more

Many feel that the risks are more than the advantages, while others think that they are not comfortable to visit the park. To make the ideal decision, one can read the instruction below.

Trained dogs

Pets that love interacting with other pets and who are correctly socialized will do well in these parks.  However, it is not for those who amalgamate with only a few species or who tolerate others or for those who are aggressive and fight with other pets.

Immature Pets

Adult pets have fun in dogs park, but pets under the age of two benefits most as they get an open place to use up their excess energy and also get some social experience with other pets. They also get various playmates than the matured dogs as they tend to be very choosy about their playmates.

Healthful dogs

Pets with the excellent immune system do well in these parks and the pets who are physically fit and are free from injuries or pain.  These are essential measures one should keep in mind as they wrestle and run freely, weak health will make them exhausted early. One can visit veterinarian before becoming a regular park visitor.

Tips to choose a park

There are a variety of parks, some are in between the city, few require walking through the woods, some are near lakes, in open areas and many more. Few have proper fencing while others are open. Some are very formal and do not have strict rules by the country while others have rules by the committee board. There are public areas too where the owners gather to allow their pets to pay. The ideal dog park should have few features.

Adequate Space

The park should have enough area for the pets to run freely and space themselves. Without a specific space, a park can get full quickly which will further reduce their space to play.  It will develop tension amongst them that can result in fights.

Gates and fencing

No matter, if it listens to every command when it is called out. It is safe for them to be taken to a pent area. Before allowing the pet to play freely off leash, check whether the fences are perfect or have holes. As they can go out of the park following other pet or while playing.

Clean and Green

It should have trees and should have trash bags or cans available. It will maintain cleanliness, a dirty park can lead to health problems not only in pets but also the parents. Hence, it is advisable to choose a park that is clean.

Water Taps

Pets can get thirsty after exercise. Whether it is summer season or winter and carrying a water bottle might not be a solution. Therefore, the park should have drinking water facilities or else pet will get thirsty.

Different area for Puppies

Puppies are small and weak when compared to the matured ones. Sometimes they take them as prey and can attack which can injure them or in rare cases death. Pups also require adequate training and exercise, and if the places are not different, they can get fearful by the bigger dogs. Separate area for puppies will allow them to play safely.

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