Stop Your Dog from Chasing Cars

Some dogs like to run after fast moving things/objects, whether it is a car, bus or any vehicle. When they see any fast moving object, they start chasing it. Some may even be more motivated where they lie and wait for a moving object and as soon as it appears, they start following it. Chasing cars is a severe problem more than what many owners often realize. It not only puts them at risk but also other people too. Dogs who are chronic car chasers do not live for long as they tend to meet life-threatening accidents.

Misconceptions vs Facts

Some owners think that it is an amusing habit and some even joke about it. Car chasing pets not only chase cars but also pursue motorbikes, push bikes and cause a threat to the bikers’ life and its own. It is a completely natural behavior for a dog as it is their natural instinct to chase moving object whether it’s a car or any other vehicle. However, natural doesn’t mean it should be allowed, owners should take precautionary steps to minimize this habit. It can be a result of its predatory instincts, territorial instincts, playfulness, etc. and can become a severe problem with regular activities like chasing a delivery man, postman, a paperboy who visits regularly.

Due to their instincts, they wait for them and chase them off the area, it is a guarding insight which the dog enjoys. If it remains uncurbed, it can become a severe problem for the family members as well as the intruders. However, it might not chase due to aggression, but due to its excitement. However, this can cause injury to children and unknown persons. Dogs that have this habit should never be kept unleashed as it will give them a golden chance to run after moving objects.

Tips to Stop Dogs From Chasing Cars

Never Chase the Dog

If one has a pet that has the habit of chasing cars, owners should not run after them as it fills them with more excitement to run a longer distance.

Say no to treats

Few masters feel that giving them treats can make them busy and stop them from chasing. But it is a false idea, they can snatch the treat and start running before the owner has the time to command or grab them.

Chasing Cars


Start training it at home and make it learn commands as it will allow the dog to know what the master wants. Practice command training until it masters it. It is essential to reward them after every achievement. Firm and consistent training methods will be ideal to make them learn fast.

One can also ask their family member to run a car or bicycle and drive past the pet. If it follows, ask the pet to “stop,” if it still chases, try using reinforcement methods to stop following. Practice these methods unless it learns entirely and follows commands. It is advisable to reward every correct behavior, but don’t praise their negative reactions, otherwise, they will pick that behavior quickly.


Few of them chase moving objects as they have pent-up energy. Hence, it is advisable to take it for long walks, visit dog’s park, introduce playing sessions and try to burn off their excess energy. They won’t chase or run after cars if they feel weary, they will want to sit and relax.

Leash Training

Breeds that have chasing instincts should always be kept leashed so that they don’t run off whenever they feel like. Hence, it is crucial to give them leash training when they are younger. If it’s a puppy try choosing a soft strap, make them comfortable whenever they are eating or playing. When they get used to it, take them out for long walks. Gradually they will develop the habit of wearing a leash.


Early socialization is essential to cure this problem. Start from the beginning, when it is small. A properly socialized dog will never run after cars. Take them to social places like bus stops, parks where they will meet other people and pets. This allows them to get used to the outer world.

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