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Mal-shi puppies were developed by crossing the Shi Tzu  and Maltese dogs. They are miniature dogs and grown as a minimum shedding breed that became famous as a designer dog in recent years because of its adaptable, harmonious character.

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Interesting Facts

Facts About Mal-Shi

Breed Group Companion Dog, Designer Dog
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin USA, Australia
Other Names Malt-Tzu,  Shih-tese, Maltese Shih Tzu Mix,MaltiTzu,Malshi,Shihtese,shih tzu maltese mix
Size & Height 8-14 inches
Weight 6to15 pounds
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DRA, DBR,DDKC, ACHC,  IDCR
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic Yes
Litter Size N.A
Color Yellow, brown, black, gray, white, solid, multi-colored
Life Expectancy 12-14 years
Coat Dense, Fine, Long, Silky, Soft, Thick, Wavy
Price $600-$800

Temperament & Personality

Maltese shih tzu puppies are very affectionate with everyone they come in contact with. They are very alert and fearless making them an excellent watchdog. They start barking if they find anything suspicious. This breed is gentle and loving making them playful and courageous breed which have a liking for amusement and fun. They love being around children to whom they know well and also mix well with noncanine pets.



The dog likes jumping and running with limited energy. Short walks or jogs will be adequate for this dog, being an intelligent dog they also require mental exercises. Puzzle toys will be helpful and provide them an excellent mental training. They have a tendency to get bored very quickly, therefore play different games with them. Mal-Shi’s brachycephalic nature will make them over exerted if allowed to be too hot.


Mal-shi requires grooming similar to its parents as they have long, silky, straight hair, but few dogs have wavy hair. They will need brushing regularly to prevent tangles. To minimize grooming, owners can also clip their coat and maintain manageable locks. They are prone to tear stains, which requires being clean regularly. Overgrown nails will click floor means it needs clipping. Brushing the teeth twice a week will prevent tartar build up and maintain its oral health. Bathing becomes necessary when they are incredibly filthy.

Health Problems

Mal-Shi is a healthy breed, but with increasing age may develop Patellar Luxation and Respiratory problems. Occasional tests like X-Rays, Respiratory, Full body Examination especially its joints need a check. Periodic Veteran tests will keep up the dog’s health


Training a Mal-Shi dog is easy as they are not only intelligent but have eagerness and perceptive to learn. The breed is an excellent choice for the first time buyers as they require minimal training. Though they tend to be adamant at times, positive training methods are favorable to correct them. Training can be started  at an early stage, clubbed with socialization and behavioral education.



Mal-Shi puppies require nutrient enriched food to keep up the energy level. On an average ¼ to ½ cup of Dry dog food is sufficient. Divided their meals into two halves for easy digestion.

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