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Parson Russell Terrier


Parson Russell Terrier is a small Terrier breed which originated in Southern England in the 18th century. This breed was named after a preacher named Rev. John Russell. The dog was used earlier for hunting specifically red Fox in mid-1800s. This breed was prior recognized as Jack Russell Terrier by different kennel clubs after a list of petitions and meetings, it was acknowledged as Parson Jack Russell Terrier by FCI, AKC, and UKC.

Parson Jack Russel Terrier
pictures of jack russells
Facts About Parson Russell Terrier
Breed Group Terrier
Breed Type Purebred
Country of Origin England
Other Names Parson Jack Russell Terrier, Parson
Size & Height Small (10 -15 inches)
Weight 13-18 pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information ACA, AKC, ACR, CKC, APRI, NKC, DRA, NAPR
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size Six puppies
Color White with black, tricolor or white markings
Life Expectancy 13-15 years
Coat Double coat, smooth or even, wirehaired
Price $400- $ 600

Difference between Parson Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier:

  • Parson Russell Terrier is larger than Jack Russell Terrier
  • Parson’s have a rectangular shaped body while the Jack Russell has a square shape
  • Jack Russell has a shorter head and shorter chest than Parson Russell Terrier
  • Jack Russell has a shorter leg as compared to the Parson Russell Terrier

Temperament & Personality

Parson is an active breed with a cheerful character coupled with an outgoing and expressive personality. They are firm at work but very playful and caring for their family members. The dog mixes well with children, but the Terrier side in them doesn’t allow them to tolerate rough handling. They do not make right watchdog as they blend with most of the strangers. However, few might display aggressiveness which can be rectified with socialization.

Terrier Mix puppies  tend to bark when they encounter unknown canines, but with proper training, they might share a good relation with other pets in the house. Due to their hunting inclination, they incline to run after smaller animals and cats. This breed is famous for high jump games as they are vivacious and fearless dogs and flexible enough to qualify for games like Flyball. They incline to bark and dig as they were primarily used to pull the fox out of the den.



Jack Russell mix puppies are an energetic dog and require extensive activities to prevent them from developing destructive habits out of boredom. 30 minutes of long walk or jog twice a day and enough playtimes in a fenced yard will be adequate for the dog. The fences of the yard should be high as it is an excellent jumper and can quickly jump out of the territory. It will require various puzzle games to keep its mind refresh. The breed will do best in a home rather than an apartment with a yard where it can run and play freely.


Both the varieties, wire-haired and smooth require minimum maintenance. Brushing with a proper bristle brush once a week will help to maintain its coat. When it is exceptionally filthy bathe them with a dog shampoo. Other grooming measures like trimming their nails, ear cleaning and tooth brushing are crucial every week to maintain hygiene. Dogs which have broken coats will require their stripping two times a year to maintain its texture.

Health Problems

It is a healthy breed, but with an increase in age, it can suffer few health problems such as:

Major Problems:

Parson Russell Terrier White

  • Lens Luxation
  • Cataracts
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Corneal dystrophy

Minor Problems:

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Deafness
  • Legg Parthes

These are few problems which are seen in this breed, but with occasional tests like Eye test, Blood test, X-Ray of Bones, joints and a random visit to Veterinarian will keep the dog healthy.



A firm and patient master will be appropriate to train these intelligent dogs. Early socializing is crucial, taking it to dog parks or busy streets will make the dog get aware of new faces which will develop a good harmony with new people and pets.

Keeping the dog engaged in various exciting and creative activities will help to divert its mind and lessen its digging habit. A command like “Stop,” “Sit,” “No” and many more will overcome its chasing habit. Additionally, positive training methods like treats, praises, and hugs will make the dog learn faster.

Parson Russell Terrier Puppy


Homemade food rich in nutrients or commercial dry dog food of about ½ to 1 cup regularly will be adequate for the dog. Dividing the meals into two halves will be helpful to keep its digestive tract in order.


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