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The Shinese was developed as the cross between two Purebreds – Pekingese and Sih Tzu. They are a new breed in the crossbreed scenario, and both of their parents have a royal and majestic background. They have a flat face with a droopy expression. Most of the dogs have a  somewhat round head, with a short muzzle, and a pair of floppy ears. A majority of the Shinese dogs have short legs and a short tail.


Interesting  Facts

1.The Shinese dog’s country of origin is unclear, but both of its parents come from China so that it may be assumed that the Shih Tzu and the Pekingese mix was developed in China.

Facts About   Shinese

Breed Group Companion dog, Guard dog
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin NA
Other Names The Shih Tzu and Pekingese mix, Shih-Tese, Peke-Tzu
Size and Height Small, up to 13 inches
Weight 10-16 pounds (adults)
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information DRA, DDKC, IDCR, ACHC, DBR
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic Maybe
Litter Size 2-5 puppies
Colour Brown, beige, black, red
Life Expectancy 12-15 years
Coat Can have a double coat, silky, dense, soft, long
Price NA

Temperament & Personality

The Shinese dogs will inherit their personality and character from both of their parents.  It is typical of these dogs to have a lot of energy and a playful attitude. Being naturally loyal and devoted to their owners and the family, these dogs easily get separation anxiety attacks when the owner or the family leaves them alone for a prolonged period.

They can easily get depressed and can become aloof and unresponsive if they are mistreated by their loved ones. These dogs are immensely protective of their family and will bark whenever they see an unfamiliar face in and around the house, so makes an excellent watchdog. The Shinese dog will prefer to walk on its own, instead of getting carried by someone outside.



The activity requirements vary from dog to dog, while some dogs may need a moderate amount of activities, and the rest may need a heavy dose of exercise on a daily basis. It all depends on the fact that, which parent’s side the dog inclines to. Shinese dogs will love to play outside, especially with other dogs. The owner can also enroll the dog in a puppy kindergarten class.


The Shinese with its long and thick hair needs a regular brushing with Vet approved pin brush, slicker brush and a regular brush to prevent tangling and matting. The owner should check the dog’s ear and eyes regularly, to avoid irritation and infection in them. Owners should consult a professional groomer once in every month. The owner should brush the teeth of the dog to prevent any long-term dental issue of the dog.

Health Problems

The Shinese dog can suffer from health issues such as Entropion, Skin fold Dermatitis, Brachycephalic syndrome, Exposure Keratopathy, Patellar Luxation, Invertrabral disc Disease, Eye conditions, Otitis Externa, Urothiliasis, Hydrocephalus, Mitral Valve Disease, and Cleft lip or palate. Occasional tests such as Respiratory tests, X-ray, Complete Physical examination, and Blood and Urine Protein screens can prevent the onset of various kind of diseases.


Basic training such as Obedience, Crate, socialization training is exceptionally crucial for this breed. Commands like freeze, stop, sit and shhh will help in the training process. Training should always be complemented with numerous praises and food rewards.



A daily cup of dry dog food, divided into two to three servings will fulfill their nutritional needs.


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