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The Yoranian, developed in the 19th century in Yorkshire, England, is a breed of dog which is not purebred but is spawned by crossing Pomeranian and the Yorkshire terrier. It is characterized by its small and compact physique typified by a furry and fluffy coat as well as a velvety tail. In 1885, it was first registered by American Kennel Club.

Facts About Yoranian

Breed Group Toy
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin The USA
Other Names Yorkshire Terrier-Pomeranian mix, Porkie, Yorkie Pomeranian mix, Yoranian Terrier, Yorky Pom,
Size Small
Height 6 to 12 inches
Weight 3 to 7 lbs
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DBR, DDKC, DRA, IDCR, ACHC
Shedding High
Hypoallergenic Yes (if it has Yorkie coat)
Litter Size NA
Colour Cream, black, white, brown, golden/light brown
Life Expectancy 11 to 15 years
Coat Thick, short/medium, shiny, wirehaired double coat
Price $100-$900

Temperament and Personality

The Yoranian pup is among the most graceful dogs with a charismatic persona that not only makes it readily strike a companionship with family members but also makes it endearing to one and all. Since a Yoranian always prefers to be in the company of humans, it tends to become nasty if periodically left alone for a long duration.

The Porkie dog being a cross has inherited some character traits from both the Yorkshire and Pomeranian purebreds. For instance, it has acquired its domineering or overprotective quality from Pomeranian. This attribute makes the Yoranian fiercely protective about the family that has adopted it. On the other hand, its terrier lineage makes it wary of strangers and intruders. The Yorkie Pom doesn’t feel threatened or discouraged by its puniness and doesn’t shy away from barking at other dogs or showing aggression to safeguard its territory.



The Yoranian does not require much effort when it comes to keeping physically active as the dog prefers to be playful as long as it is indoors. The breed also loves to be taken out for long morning or evening walks and gets to exercise itself intensively during its outdoor trips. However, avoid taking them outdoors, especially during extremes of weather as it is unable to tolerate too much of heat or cold. They love to play with toys and puzzles and can keep self-engaged for hours in the company of toys and keep rotating the toys from time to time so that it doesn’t feel bored.


The Yoranian’s coat should regularly be brushed to avoid tangle or mats and bathing once a month with a mild shampoo and conditioner can keep its coat shiny. Cleaning of teeth, fur and trimming of nails is essential.

Health Problems

Being a mixed breed, the Yoranian can inherit its parental health problem which includes eye irritation, falling of teeth, patellar luxation, tooth decay, hip dysplasia, collapsed trachea and retinal atrophy.


Yoranians are genetically predisposed to yelping or barking occasionally and therefore it is significant to train them appropriately so that it picks up right habits, least of all not yapping without rhyme or reason. Also, since their attention or concentration spans happen to be short-lived, keep training program short. They have an inherent knack for quickly imbibing new tricks.



Yoranians have a weakness for wet foods, but that doesn’t imply they will shun dry foods if and when offered the same. However, never provide more than ¼-1/2 cup of dry food per day.

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